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5 Tools of The Trade for a Perfect Shave

There comes a time in a guy’s life when a disposable shaver with Aloe strip just doesn’t ‘cut it’ anymore. And although we may not like it, some money and time should be spent hunting down the right products for that elusive perfect shave. No matter if you’re after a ‘5 O’clock Shadow’, a ‘Hipster Mo’ or a ‘Smooth as a Baby’s Butt’ finish, there are some non-negotiables that we need to know. For a better than expected result, the following list presents the best case scenario of everything you’ll need for a lifetime of perfect shaves.

Tool #1 – Exfoliant
Nothing beats the feeling of giving your mug a good scrub. Using an exfoliant before you shave helps to get rid of your dry & dead skin. This equates to less ingrown hairs and minimal irritation. Malin + Goetz Jojoba Face Scrub is a prime example. It’s formulated with round beads to gently slough away the flakiness and Jojoba Extract to calm the skin. (Price: $56.00 BUY)

Tool #2 – Shaving Brush

Most of us have come across a Shaving Brush at one time or another. Generally it’s widely known that Silver Tip Badger Hair makes for the best brushes as it holds water excellently and is strong enough to withstand the daily rigours of lathering up and lifting tough facial hair. This king sized brush from Kent is going straight to the wish list. (Price: £125.00 BUY)

Tool #3 – Shaving Soap/Cream

A good shaving product is worth its weight in gold. Throw away that can of spray-on foam-beard and try a high lubricating product instead. Geo F Trumper’s Spanish Leather Shave Cream creates a dense lather and allows you to see what you’re doing. Think of this next time you have a razor blade up against your throat. (Price: £10.00 BUY)

Tool #4 – Shaving Bowl

Not an essential tool, but if you want to make your shaving experience more pleasurable, a shaving bowl complements the process well. Apart from keeping your hands clean, the bowl helps to form the perfect lather. L’Occitane has a smart and sophisticated bowl that’s light and sits perfectly in the hand. Worth a look. (Price: $32.00 BUY)

Tool #5 – Aftershave Balm
N.B Aftershave Balm is a fancy way to say moisturiser. Look for something with a bit of Aloe Vera and perhaps some topical Vitamin B to help soothe irritation and redness. This rich yet lightweight balm from Korres with Vetiver Root, Green Tea & Cedarwood is our pick. Use it all over the face and neck, day and night for optimum benefits. (Price: €18.00 BUY)


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