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5 Must-haves For The Man-Pad

For most guys there are a few ‘bare necessities’ that keep us sustained e.g. a PlayStation, some clean sheets, a slab of beer in the fridge. However for the more evolved bunch, there is a need to kit out our caves with some of the finer things in life, even if they’re just for show. The following is a list of aspirational additions to any bachelor pad that will have you never wanting to leave. At these prices there won’t be much dosh left, so be prepared for a lot of home entertaining. Seriously though, they’re worth it.

Must-have #1 – Bugatti Espresso Coffee Machine
– Personally I don’t drink coffee unless it’s soaked into a Tiramisu or in a cocktail, however I know that some of you can’t negotiate the simplest of tasks without the faint whiff of a roasted bean. For the guys who love their fast cars, this Espresso Machine by Bugatti will help to jump start your heart every morning. (WWW)

Must-have #2 – Dyson Hot + Cool Electric Fan –
Too hot/Too cold? If you’re a thermostat-Nazi this is the product for you. Keep your crib at that perfect temperature all year round with the Dyson Hot + Cold Electric Fan. Having a cooler and a heater in one keeps your place comfortable and free from clutter. Superficially it looks super cool. (Price: $599.00 BUY)

Must-have #3 – Eames Lounge Chair
– Charles and Ray Eames were some of the best Industrial and graphic designers of the last century. So much so, that more than 50 years after its release, the Eames Lounge and Ottoman made in plush black leather and moulded plywood veneer is still sought after by any discerning and design orientated, comfort seeking man. (WWW)

Must-have #4 – LG 55” OLED TV –
Analogue TV is a thing of the past, or rather it will be in a couple of months when Australia will switch completely to a digital signal. Sounds to me like the best excuse to head out and hunt down the best in TV technology. LG’s 55” OLED is the bright, shiny and crisp future of home viewing. (WWW)

Must-have #5 – iRobot Roomba Vacuum –
The only time a guy vacuums the floor is when he is expecting ‘company’ and even that might not happen too frequently. Keeping dirt off the carpet and tiles is no longer a menial task with the aid of the iRobot Roomba Vacuum. Set it up and let it go to work, no strings attached. (WWW)






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