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6 Simple Ways You Can Earn ‘Cool Dad’ Status

With Father’s Day around the corner we thought it was an opportunistic time to talk about cool Dads. At some point in our lives we’ve all wondered whether we’ll be any good in the fathering department. Now we’re here to help you answer that question. Regardless of whether you’re currently a dad, soon to be one, or still struggling to keep a pot plant alive, here are a few simple things we believe will help you be considered ‘cool’ when your kids and their friends are old enough to care.

Cool Dad Trait #1 – Keep A Youthful Mind
Growing old gracefully is one thing, but keeping a youthful mind is a whole other ballgame. I see friends’ parents who are relatively young but have no idea of or interest in the goings on of younger generations. We’re not expecting you to sign up to Instagram and post selfies, just understand and relate to what your kids are interested in and be cool with their lifestyle choices… even the not so normal ones.

Cool Dad Trait #2 – Get A Sense of Style

We often see photos of young dads with their kids all dressed up and looking fly (i.e. David Beckham) and think ‘Damn they’re cool.’ You too can be that cool dad if you’re the type of guy who gives a damn about his appearance. It starts with taking an interest in what you own and wear, then developing a sense of style which will set you apart from the other dads and still be appreciated by the kids.

Cool Dad Trait #3 – Own A Vintage 
Sports Car
Being the Dad the other mothers talk about is a combination of many things, but the one sure way to get heads turning at the morning drop off is the Dad who gets around in the vintage sports car. This was not my father, but I sure as hell remember the kids whose fathers knew the trick. Forget the latest penile extension and get yourself an old convertible Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

Cool Dad Trait #4 – Be good at something
Fathers who are good at something are fathers that young men aspire to be like. Be the kind of Dad who’s always got a project and is good at something that your kids (and their friends) can appreciate. My father is genius when it comes to designing and building things. All my mates knew that if ‘The Fons” couldn’t fix something then it was truly stuffed.

Cool Dad Trait #5 – Live A Healthy Lifestyle
A dead father is not much good to anyone. Give away the cigarettes, moderate the booze and hit the gym. Keeping active and healthy is a sure way to reduce the risk of disease, live longer and look better. Be the cool Dad who plays sport, surfs and outlives all the other battlers who never made time to keep themselves in shape. (RIP:  Sion Milosky)

Cool Dad Trait #6 – Know A Thing Or Two About Love

Lastly, be the kind of dad who knows a thing or two about women. Your sons and daughters will need some sound advice one day and you should be there to give it. Tell your boys how to get the girls and tell your girls which boys to avoid. It will be well appreciated by your kids and they’ll think you’re cool because you’ve lived a little and know how this love thing works.


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