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5 Bright & Bold Coloured Optical Glasses For Men

Here’s the thing about optical glasses: you’re stuck with them whether you like it or not, so you might as well make the best of the situation. Sure, you could go with a plain black frame that goes with everything, but why not go with something a little more interesting? After all, if you’re going to be stuck with them on your face forever, you might as well have fun with them. Try something like these boldly coloured eyeglasses instead:

Coloured Glasses #1 – Cutler And Gross 0703 Ink

The 0703 Ink glasses from Cutler And Gross stand out for a few reasons. There’s the fine-rimmed Pantoscopic Round Oval (PRO) shape and the distinctive keyhole bridge, both of which would be great on their own, but add in the gorgeous blue colour and suddenly the 0703 Ink glasses really pop.  (Price: $470.00 BUY)

Coloured Glasses #2 – Barton Perreira Woody

Barton Perreira’s Woody glasses come in a few unique colour combinations, but our favorite is the Matte Golden Honey-Torasel option. The blend of tortoishell with a colour that really does look like it could be hardened honey is an unusual and chic direction for a pair of eyeglasses to take.  (WWW)

Coloured Glasses #3 – Bailey Nelson Joyce

This incredible shade is called ‘tangerine.’ Bailey Nelson’s Joyce frame demands attention with a minimalist round frame and high quality acetate in a shocking combo of white on the inside and a bold streaky orange on the outside. Not for the faint of heart, but a great choice for the brave.  (Price: AU$95.00 BUY)

Coloured Glasses #4 – Cutler And Gross 1060 Red Turtle/Humble Potato

This pair from Cutler And Gross wins the prize for most creative name. The 1060 Red Turtle/Humble Potato glasses bear no resemblance to either a turtle or a potato, but we love them nonetheless. Where else have you ever seen such an eye-catching, deep shade of red?  (Price: $470.00 BUY)

Coloured Glasses #5 – Warby Parker Arthur

Warby Parker’s Arthur glasses in Green Spruce are guaranteed to spruce up your face (sorry, we couldn’t resist). The bold browline, keyhole bridge, and slim temple arms make for a very classic shape, but the green shade transforms them into something more modern and daring.  (Price: $95.00 BUY)


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