5 Cool Haircuts & Hairstyles To Rock This Summer

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has passed and D’Marge was there to check out all the fashion trends for Australia this summer. We took time out with the events hair sponsor, Kevin Murphy to see what hairstyles were cool and how to get them. The Kevin Murphy team was more than happy to share their five favourite Summer 2013 hairstyles for D’Marge readers. Check them out below.

Summer Hairstyle #1: ‘Gatsby Sleek’
You’ve seen the movie now get the hairstyle. If you’re a dandy cat with pep in his step, then we suggest the ‘Gatsby Sleek’ or the ol’ GS for short. In two quick steps you can be that bit closer to looking like Jay Gatsby. Step 1: Take a part in line with the centre of the eyebrow. Step 2: Smooth hair down with a comb, using a firm high-shine paste.

Summer Hairstyle #2: ‘Modern Grunge’
Grunge was so 90s, but modern grunde is so summer 2013. You long haired kids will look a treat in your skinny suit and swept back attitude. This hairstyle is best rocked with a good helping of awesomeness. Step 1: Slick the hair back, keeping it tight on the sides, creating a mowkawk-like shape. Step 2: Use a volumising powder on the top of the hair to create volume through the centre panel. Step 3: Finish with a strong hold high-shine spray

Summer Hairstyle #3: ‘New surfer look’
Utah get me two! Embrace your inner Point Break with the new surfer look. You don’t need pecs like Brad Pitt 2.0 above, just some salt spray and length and you’re on the next wave to a simple summer look. Step 1: Apply a Sea Salt Spray to damp and let hair dry naturally to encourage texture. Kevin’s Tip: This is a great look for guys with longer hair!

Summer Hairstyle #4: ‘Summertime in the 60s’
You may not know this but they had hairstyles like this and Peters Drumsticks in the 60s. You know where to get the ice cream and now we let in you in the secret for the 60s Summer hairstyle. Step 1: Use a matt texture paste and push hair forward with your hands from the crown. Step 2: Make sure you keep the sides square to give it a modern edge. Kevin’s Tip: This looks really cool with a bit of facial hair! (Surfboard not included)

Summer Hairstyle #5: ‘80s Cool’
The final look. The peace de resistance de jour is our 80s ‘I want to date Molly Wingwald’ hairstyle. Make use of your follicles before they die like 80s music with this ultra cool hairstyle. Step 1: Use a volumising powder through the top to encourage natural texture and height. Step 2: Brush hair down and back on the sides with your fingers to create a disconnection from the top and bottom. Step 3: Finish with a hair spray or paste for all-day hold. Kevin’s Tip: To really finish off this look, slap on some cool shades.

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