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5 Fresh Looks For The Season Ahead

Every now and then, we as gents can get pretty stuck in our old ways and sometimes there comes the need for a brief reminder to inject some personality and individualism to our everyday style. We’re all guilty of resorting to our favourite formulaic outfits for weeks or months on end, especially when time is an issue or brain function and creativity levels fall a bit low. Remember that your personal style is the expression on how you feel about yourself. As a starter, we recommend taking a punt on some of the current trends below.

Look #1 – Ankle, Exposed
We’ve seen it a lot recently and there’s no better time to be showing off some ankle cleavage than right now in Spring. This style can be worked by hemming a shorter or ‘break’ free pant, alternatively a roll up can do the trick too. A perfect look for the pasty skinny legged dudes out there.

Look #2 – Coloured Blazer
Colour can be a daunting addition to any man’s wardrobe, especially finding it in the right pieces or the right amount. Why not go all out and try a coloured blazer? Team it up with a classic and clean trouser or a slimline raw pair of jeans for an instantaneous confidence boost. 

Look #3 – Woven Shoe
A hark back to the good ole days of leisurely strolls and riding around on a pushy, the Woven shoe is a current yet timeless addition that us blokes must try. It’s casual enough for everyday use but also has the versatility to take you into a smarter Summer occasion.

Look #4 – The ‘Murse’
This one is not for the faint of heart. I personally don’t subscribe to the need for one but on occasion some of you may want to carry more than just what fits in your pockets. A ‘Murse’ or man purse/bag is the best way to keep your silhouette lump and bump free whilst keeping all your knickknacks in a cool and stylish container.

Look #5 – Bold Sweats
Finally we can feel comfy and still look stylish whilst wearing the latest in sweatshirts. No I’m not talking sports logo hoodies, rather the printed and boldly designed jumpers that pack a stylish punch. Check out the latest from the likes of Neil Barrett & Givenchy. Coolness and comfort in one.

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