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5 Essential German Words To Get You Through Oktoberfest

Ok fellas, this would have to be my favourite time of the year. A time when my friends and I can indulge in some of the most indulgent excesses that life can offer a man: Drinking in excess, Eating way too much meat off the bone and the guiltless admiration of a sea of bountiful bosoms. It’s Oktoberfest! So after some information exchange from some of our German readers (yes, there are a few), we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most important German words you’ll need to know for an awesome Oktoberfest.

Word #1 – Bier (Beer) – The most important word used during the festival is ‘Bier’. Germans are world famous for the stuff and there’s no better excuse to be drinking it by the litre or ‘Stein’. For a genuine drop, our picks are Paulaner, Hofbräuhaus & Augustiner. Better yet, try the lot. That’ll sure put some hairs on your chest.

Word #2 – Gemütlichkeit (Friendliness) – Nothing beats eating and drinking way too much with your mates, along with public singing, dancing on the tables & flirting with a bevy of babes. ‘Gemütlichkeit’ can’t be easily translated but it encapsulates the general feeling of friendliness, cheer and all round happiness.

Word #3 – Lederhosen (Leather Pants) – Perhaps the only occasion you can wear leather pants or shorts in public without judgement or ridicule from your friends. All dudes look good in lederhosen, so team them up with a clean white or checked shirt, some cool loafers and make it modern with a slick tailored blazer.

Word #4 – Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle) – There’s nothing that gets the testosterone going like chowing down on a juicy & succulent chunk of meat hanging from the bone, served with fluffy potato dumplings and a side of good ole ‘sauerkraut’. Most importantly it’s the tried and tested method for soaking up all of that top shelf German booze.

Word #5 – Fräulein Fraulein (Lady/Miss) – Whether you’re trying to holler a waitress or the lovely lass wearing a ‘Dirndl’ sitting next to you, the word ‘Fräulein’ will surely get you the right attention. All ladies love to be addressed in such a gentlemanly manner, also note: Girls who love their beer are keepers.


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