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5 Cool Dining Plates & Bowls To Impress Your Date

Taking your date out to dinner at a nice restaurant is a smooth move, but nothing compares to impressing her with a home-cooked meal. These plates and bowls can be found in some of the best restaurants in Australia – including Vue de Monde, Izakaya Den, and Icebergs Sydney – which means not only do they offer the best of both the dining-in and dining-out worlds, they also prove to your date that you have equally fantastic taste in dinnerware and women.

Cool Dinnerware #1 – Glenn Tebble Homewares Nesting Bowls

The great thing about these Nesting Bowls from Glenn Tebble Homewares is that they can be either functional dinnerware or a decorative accent for your bachelor pad. The minimalist black and white tree design (note the cool way the tree grows as you stack the bowls together) is simple but striking.  (Price: $179.00 BUY)

Cool Dinnerware #2 – Glenn Tebble Homewares White Satin Black Splatter Small Flinstone Platter

“Splatter” isn’t usually a word you want associated with your meals (remember not to serve your dinner dates pasta, gents – that spaghetti sauce is a disaster waiting to happen), unless it’s the White Satin Black Splatter Flinstone Platter. This kind of splatter will leave an impression but won’t leave a stain.  (Price: $32.00 BUY)

Cool Dinnerware #3 – Glenn Tebble Homewares Black Satin Flinstone Dinner Plate

The Black Satin Flinstone Dinner Plate is proof that picking out dinnerware doesn’t make you any less of a man. Even if home décor isn’t your thing, the sleek finish and eye-catching design of these plates will keep your masculinity intact and have your date convinced you have a secret artistic side with a knack for interior design.  (Price: $39.00 BUY)

Cool Dinnerware #4 – Glenn Tebble Homewares Black Satin Large Sushi Platter

Picture this: a gorgeous date, beautifully-arranged food exhibited on the Black Satin Sushi Platter, and the look in her eyes when she sees the effort you’ve made that says “Yeah, this night is definitely going to end well for you…” And because we know you’re wondering: no, you don’t have to use it only for sushi.  (Price: $39.00 BUY)

Cool Dinnerware #5 – Glenn Tebble Homewares Charcoal Gloss Black Splatter Medium Organic Bowl

The Charcoal Gloss Black Splatter Medium Organic Bowl, like so many other pieces from Glenn Tebble Homewares, is versatile. Eat out of it. Use it to display something. Place it on a table as an objet d’art. Any way you choose to use it, it’s gonna leave the kind of impression that guarantees a second date.    (Price: $32.00 BUY)


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