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5 Masculine Ways To Do A Feminine Touch

Let’s talk about the feminine touch. No, not that kind – get your mind out of the gutter. This is the kind of feminine touch that makes it look like you actually gave a damn while decorating your apartment. The kind that impresses lady friends when you have them over. The kind that makes sure those lady friends will be coming back again. Believe it or not, there are totally masculine ways to add a feminine touch to your home:

The Feminine Touch #1 – Maison Noir Products

Women love things that smell good. Fact. So the first step to adding a feminine touch to your home is making sure it doesn’t smell like a frat house the day after a weekend-long rager. Maison Noir makes a range of products – like candles, soaps, and fragrance diffusers – that smell great, look great, and keep your masculinity intact.  (WWW)

The Feminine Touch #2 – Country Road Lucite XL Frame

Picture frames are boring, right? Wrong. This one from Country Road is picture frames made cool. Its sleek and totally minimal design is nothing like the overwrought gilt frames or tacky bedazzled numbers you’re used to seeing. Instead it’s made from 100% translucent acrylic (Lucite: Not just for stripper heels anymore!) with a magnetic closure.  (Price: $59.95 BUY)

The Feminine Touch #3 – Federico Throw by Missoni

We know what you’re thinking: ‘What the hell is a throw? Isn’t that something you’re supposed to do with a ball? My parents told me never to throw things inside the house!’ Step up your interior design game, guys: this kind of throw is a decorative blanket that adds an extra bit of style to your sofa. We like the simple striped Federico Throw by Missoni.  (Price: $370.00 BUY)

The Feminine Touch #4 – Menu A/S Galerie Vase 2 in 1

Chicks dig flowers, right? The Galerie Vase from Menu serves up a double dose of flora: not only does it display the blooms of your choice, it was also inspired by the shape of a rose. The two pieces, an inner and an outer vase, can be used separately or placed one inside the other, and the shape can be adjusted depending on the angle at which you set the pieces.  (Price: $59.95 BUY)

The Feminine Touch #5 – Cutipol Mezzo Black 24 Piece Cutlery Set

You can’t expect her to eat with plastic cutlery when you invite her over for dinner. Try the Mezzo Black 24 Piece Cutlery Set from Cutipol instead. It’s got everything you need to pull off an impressive dinner date, and the slick style won’t compromise your manliness in the slightest.  (Price: $396.00 BUY)



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