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5 Ways To Rock Mirrored Sunglasses (And Look Très Cool Doing It)

You may think the cast of The Matrix and “the man with no eyes” from Cool Hand Luke are the only people with the gravitas to pull off mirrored sunglasses. You thought wrong. Yes, rocking those reflective lenses might be a challenge for amateurs, but since when are you an amateur? Try one of these looks next time you’re in the mood to trot out your mirrored shades:

How To Wear Mirrored Sunglasses

how to wear mirrored sunglasses

Old & Bold

When you’re young, you dread the thought of getting older. You think ageing means memory loss, colostomy bags, and that weird old person smell. But as you mature, you realize that getting older has its perks, like being able to say, do, and wear whatever you want without anyone getting on your case. Hat + patterned vest + multicoloured eyeglasses on a beaded chain + mirrored aviators? No problem.

how to wear mirrored sunglasses

A Touch Of Flair

On the other hand, before age has given you the ability to dress like a walking thrift shop and look great doing it, you need to put serious thought into your style. The sportiness of mirrored sunglasses contrasts well against this guy’s groomed and put-together look and, along with the patterned pocket square, they add an extra bit of panache to an otherwise muted outfit.

how to wear mirrored sunglasses

Big Colour In Little China

On the other other hand, there’s also something to be said for going bold from the beginning. Mirrored sunglasses are already an eye-catching look, so you might as well continue in that vein with bright colours and a pattern or two. This brave soul combined a striking clear pair of shades with equally striking touches of purple and green, as well as the hint of a surprising pair of socks.

how to wear mirrored sunglasses

Like A Douche

It has to be said: sometimes mirrored lenses make you look like a douche (and not just because you’re wearing them inside the club). There’s something about that reflective surface that just screams “Look at me, mere sartorial mortals! Marvel in the presence of my incredible awesomeness!” But you know what? If this guy can pull it off, and his are green and crooked to boot, so can you.

how to wear mirrored sunglasses

Beard & Feared

This begs the question: is the beard his best facial accessory or is it the sunglasses? We may never know the answer, but we can certainly speculate. With so much going on this could have been an overwhelming look, but because his clothing is subdued and his beard is so well-groomed, the simultaneously clear-and-colourful mirrored sunnies can take centre stage without sending the entire outfit over the top.

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