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5 Cool Men’s Driving Shoes (That Even Miss Daisy Would Approve Of)

At first glance, the driving shoe may appear to be a relatively unimpressive piece of footwear. “It’s just a moccasin with a rubber sole!” exclaim the uninitiated. “What’s so special about that?” In fact, the driving shoe is a rather remarkable sensation – a product designed for the needs of a very small portion of the population, that has somehow inspired mass appeal and high fashion, high street fans. The intersection of car culture and fashion is churning out some surprisingly cool footwear. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Driving Shoes #1 – Fendi Vittorio Suede Driving Shoes

Picture your favourite Casual Friday outfit. Now picture it with the Fendi Vittorio Suede Driving Shoes. It’s a vast improvement, right? Their deep burgundy suede and prominent-but-not-overpowering stamped Fendi logo add a smart edge and an extra dash of suave to your off-duty outfit. Could a boat shoe do that? No way.  (Price: $481.00 BUY)

Driving Shoes #2 – Car Shoe Python Driving Shoes

The Original Car Shoe – now typically known only as Car Shoe – got its name for a reason. They’ve been in the game since 1963, secured a patent from the Italian Ministry of Industry and Trade, and can count Fiat founder Giovanni Agnelli, US President John F. Kennedy, and Italian filmmaker Roberto Rossellini as fans. They also make damn fine footwear, like these Python Driving Shoes.  (Price: €910.00 BUY)

Driving Shoes #3 – Tod’s Suede Driving Shoes

The beauty of the driving shoe is its versatility. Take a pair like these Suede Driving Shoes from Tod’s: you could dress them down with some denim, or spruce them up with some office-appropriate tailored trousers. Either way, that blue suede is going to look incredible and you’re going to feel like a million bucks.  (Price: $351.00 BUY)

Driving Shoes #4 – Car Shoe Gentleman’s Driver Collection Lux Calf

We would be remiss if we didn’t include at least one more offering from Car Shoe on this list. Narrowing it down was no easy feat, but ultimately we had to give the honor to the Gentleman’s Driver Collection Lux Calf. Everything you need to know about these shoes is in the name: don a pair and you’re no longer some average schmuck. Suddenly you have reached gentleman status.  (Price: €490.00 BUY)

Driving Shoes #5 – Valentino Garavani Printed Loafer

We love the classics around here, but we also love it when a designer can update a classic while paying tribute to the original. Valentino Garavani’s Printed Loafer has all the hallmarks of a traditional driving shoe (calf leather, rubber studded sole, moccasin shape) with the modern twist of a mixed-materials blue camouflage print.  (Price: $702.20 BUY)



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