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Experience: QT Sydney – Boutique Hotel

Last week, D’Marge flew to Sydney to experience the relatively new QT Sydney hotel. Located in the old Gowlings Department Store, QT Sydney is a wonderland that combines both modern contemporary design alongside some kitsch and quirky finishes which make the hotel not only comfortable but damn interesting. The rooms are large and bright, each with individual touches that completely contradict first impressions of the buildings exterior. The have this luxurious finish that’s unpretentious and inviting when you’re away from home.

Both my partner and I were treated to some time out at QT Sydney’s Spa and Barber shop. While my partner did girly stuff I sat down for my very first ‘Don Shave’ courtesy of the witty barber on hand, Kris. Cut throat shaves are the new black and Kris was a master of his craft. He tells me that on average 15 guys come through the doors each day to experience the Don Shave. That’s a lot of clean shaven men in the Sydney CBD. If cut-throat blades are not your thing, then my girlfriend recommends everything else on offer at the QT Sydney Spa. Their busiest days are Saturdays so if you’re visiting on the weekend, book early to avoid massive appointment disappointment.

Dining at Qt Sydney is a no brainer. Gowlings Bar & Grill is a winner. The male readers will like the maitre d’, who’s snooty foreign accent and evening gown will surely make good dinner table conversation. Wait staff are fun and energetic without being pesty or irritating. Food is as you would expect. Top notch! This is thanks to Dave Galvin, QT Sydney’s Food and Beverage Director who overseas the operations at the hotel.

Overall: This place is a boys hotel, but it’s a boys hotel that nay alienates the girlfriends and partners. It’s cool, quirky and the kind of place we could happily recommend D’Margees rest their weary heads after a long day of being awesome in Sydney.

For more information please visit the QT Sydney website.


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