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5 Super Stylish Accessories for Man’s Best Friend

Many of us have four legged friends who accompany us on life’s journey, however they’re sometimes neglected. Here’s your chance to buy something special in exchange for their unconditional love: Five simple but stylish accessories for your dog.

Dog Accessory #1 – The American Apparel Dog Hoodie
Whilst in London we happened to visit the American Apparel store in Oxford Circus where we picked up one of these awesome dog hoodies. Made in a breathable (and colourful) flex fleece material, the American Apparel dog hoodie will keep your little man warm in winter. See the official D’Marge dog ‘Leo’ wearing one here.  (WWW)

Dog Accessory#2 – The Urban Dog Lead
Tired of having to unclip your dog every time you stop for a cafe latte? Well worry no more with the ultra simple (and stylish) Urban Dog Lead. They feature a strong quick release clip on the handle that you simply release and clip onto the nearest pole. They come in a range of colours, even camouflage for the stand out types. (WWW)

Dog Accessory #4 – Dog Bow-tie Collar
The name’s Bond, Dog Bond.  Get yourself your very own MI6 inspired dog bow-tie collar for your next cocktail party. They’re handmade in cotton with a side release buckle. They also come in a range of modern styles and sizes to suit most dogs. Woof! (WWW)

Dog Accessory #5 – Elevated Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
Your dog will eat like a prince or a princess using the Wetnoz Ultra Lil’ Pup Dog Bowl Booster Stand. It elevates your dog’s food dish 6 inches off the floor to ease strain on its back and neck. Upright stand made from anodised aluminium with stainless steel rings and luxurious anti-skid PVC ring sleeves. (WWW)

Dog Accessory #5 – Dyson Groom

Lastly like true gentlemen a dog should always be well groomed. This awesome attachment is meant for use with medium and long haired dogs. It employs 364 retractable slicker bristles to remove loose hair from your dog, while suction captures the removed hair and dead skin cells. Note: Just be sure your dog’s not afraid of the vacuum cleaner before buying this accessory. (WWW)


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