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5 Modern Sunglasses To Match Your Vintage Sportscar

Owning a vintage sportscar speaks volumes about your taste in automobiles. Owning a great pair of sunglasses speaks volumes about your taste in fashion. And owning a great pair of sunglasses to match your vintage sportscar speaks volumes about your taste in…well, just about everything. You have truly grabbed life by the horns, my friend.

Sunglasses #1 – Persol 3046S Reflex Edition Polarised Sunglasses

Persol got its start making functional eyewear for military pilots and racing drivers, so there is no question about your Persol shades looking sweet with your sportscar. It’s in the brand’s blood. The slimline 3046S Relfex Edition Polarised Sunglasses feature a light acetate frame, ergonomic stems, polarized crystal lenses, and Persol’s signature Silver Arrow connecting the arms.  (Price: £219.00 BUY)

Sunglasses #2 – Cutler And Gross 0935 Black

Why do we love vintage cars so much? Because they’re timeless. And why do we love sunglasses like the 0935 frames from Culter And Gross? For the same reason, of course. The wayfarer shape of these shades will never go out of style. Stick with black or tortoise if you want something classic, or blend the old and the new by choosing one of the more eccentric colour options.  (Price: £310.00 BUY)

Sunglasses #3 – Illesteva Milan Matte Black

Having been founded in 2009, Illesteva is the youngest brand to make it on this list. Though it may be the baby of the group, Illesteva’s modern sunglasses always ace the vintage feel. The Milan Matte Black glasses are handmade in Italy from acetate and steel, with screw detailing. The half-frame design and unusual curved bridge bar just ooze cool.  (Price: $300.00 BUY)

Sunglasses #4 – Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminum

Can’t you just see yourself cruising with the top down, wind in your hair and these on your face? We know we can’t be the only ones having that fantasy when we look at the Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminum sunglasses. The Clubmaster has been around for a long time, but this modern makeover puts a futuristic, edgy twist on the iconic glasses.  (WWW)

Sunglasses #5 – Linda Farrow Aviator D-Frame Sunglasses

Linda Farrow looks to the vintage for its inspirations, but its designs are firmly focused on the future. Every design manages to look both fresh and retro, like the Aviator D-Frame Sunglasses. The shape is classic, but the yellow acetate frame, gold metal bridge, and grey tinted lenses add an unexpected and contemporary punch.  (Price: $494.00 BUY)


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