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6 Suitably Elegant Cufflinks (That Make A Statement Of Class)

Man does not live by bread alone, nor should he live solely by dress shirts with buttoned barrel cuffs. The stylish man mixes up his wardrobe with French cuffs and a collection of cufflinks to go with them. Anybody can button a shirt, but it takes a true gentleman to go the extra mile and use one of these urbane, high class fasteners.

Cufflinks #1 – Alice Made This William Knotted Cord Cufflinks

The manufacturing process used by Alice Made This may be similar to the one used for aerospace components, but these cufflinks are more about the sea than the sky. The intricate design of the Knotted Cord Cufflinks was inspired by the stopper knots used by British sailors to prevent slippage and tied by rope makers in East Anglia.  (Price: $130.00 BUY)

Cufflinks #2 – Elsa Peretti Bean Cuff Links

A bean (or any legume, come to think of it) is probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to sexy additions to your accessories collection, but Elsa Peretti is here to prove you wrong with the Bean Cuff Links. The charcoal coloured cufflinks, in ruthenium over copper, take the shape of an edible seed to represent “the origin of all things.”  (Price: $185.00 BUY)

Cufflinks #3 – Valentino Stud Cufflinks

The Stud Cufflinks add a tiny touch of punk attitude to your formal attire. The gold metal cufflinks include a pyramid-shaped stud and a logo-engraved swivel bar fastening. You won’t look like you just stepped off stage after a roaring set at CBGB, but you won’t look like a boring office drone either.  (Price: $366.00 BUY)

Cufflinks #4 – Cartier Elongated C Shaped Cufflinks

Cartier’s refined cufflinks collection includes pieces in yellow or white gold, solid silver, lacquer or hardstone. This particular pair, the Elongated C Shaped Cufflinks, are made from sterling silver with a palladium finish. Just as you would expect from Cartier, they are a very sophisticated way to fasten the cuffs on your favourite shirts.  (WWW)

Cufflinks #5 – Lanvin Pearl And Sterling Silver T-Bar Cufflinks

Nothing says “class” quite like pearls. The Lanvin Pearl And Sterling Silver T-Bar Cufflinks cultivate a cultured look (Pearl joke, anyone? “Cultured?” Get it? Sorry, couldn’t resist…) Even though the pearls are faux. The elegant effect is still in full force, and you won’t have to sell your car or take up bank robbing as a hobby in order to get it.  (Price: $300.00 BUY)

Cufflinks #6 – William & Son Frosted Onyx Cufflinks

William Asprey founded his company to bring “the special and surprising, the eclectic and sometimes the extravagant” to Mayfair. We can’t argue with a mission like that, and we can’t argue with the Forsted Onyx Cufflinks. William & Son has created a beautiful set of cufflinks made from 18ct rose gold with a frosted onyx log design.  (Price: £3,750.00 BUY)



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