5 Ways To Rock A Casual Blazer (And Look Smart Doing It)

Remember when you were a kid, and wearing a blazer seemed like the worst kind of punishment imaginable? It was so stiff, so formal, so stifling… Then you got older and realized: “I look all kinds of good in these things.” Suddenly it’s all about your blazers, and you finally appreciate that they’re so much more versatile than your childhood self ever dreamed possible. Your blazers don’t have to be stiff, formal, or stifling – there are plenty of ways to rock them casually.

Casual Blazer Look #1 – Over The Shoulders

This is the ultimate “Oh, this old thing? I just threw this on,” look. Take a cue from this gentleman and literally just throw you blazer on over your shoulders. Then up the effortless factor, like he did, by going with an unbuttoned, slightly unkempt shirt, adding ripped trousers to your bottom half and staring at your phone like you couldn’t give a damn that the rest of the world exists. Could it get more casual than that?

Casual Blazer Look #2 – In Separates

We love a suit as much as the next man, but there’s something to be said for the blazer’s ability to multitask. It’s like the soulmate thing. The thought that there’s only one right person on the planet for you is romantic, but limiting. We prefer to have options. A suit jacket that goes only with that suit looks great, but you’ll also want a more adaptable blazer in your wardrobe for when the urge for options hits. You can’t go wrong with a classic navy number like this.

Casual Blazer Look #3 – With Shorts

A blazer with shorts? Seriously? Yes, seriously. It sounds like a fashion disaster, but take one look at this confident guy – strutting down the street like he owns it – and you’ll see that nothing is impossible if you’ve got the attitude (and the badass shaved head) to pull it off. Just like the mullet is business in the front and party in the back, this look is business on top and a party on the bottom. Except it’s way more stylish than a mullet, and this party is taking place on the beach.

Casual Blazer Look #4 – With A Fitted T-Shirt

There’s one simple solution that always works when you’re trying to dress down: add a t-shirt. No one is mistaking this man’s white t-shirt for formalwear, especially when paired with an open blazer made from a relaxed material and in such a vivid colour. The majority of the details are equally unfussy, but we do like that he had the audacity to top it all off with a dapper pocket square. The mix of high and low fashion really works.

Casual Blazer Look #5 – Bright & Bold

Welcome to the colour blocking major leagues, gentlemen. Save the black and white for your tuxedos. Ditch the grey and navy back at the office. Today we’re going bold. Men are not excluded from the colour blocking trend – far from it, in fact. What could be more attractive than a well-dressed man who isn’t afraid to step of out the box and wear an eye-catching, jaw-dropping colour combo? Just brush up on your art class info and choose shades that are complementary (those are the ones across from each other on the colour wheel).

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