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6 Essential Male Grooming Products When You’re Travelling Light

Whether by plane, train or automobile it can be difficult to maintain a normal grooming routine while travelling. Therefore it is important when deciding what to bring to consider room in your luggage, what you’ll need to maintain an acceptable appearance, and the effects travel can have on your skin. It’s important to cover the basics, such as your standard 3 step routine, without going overboard. There’s no room for mud masks or fancy treatments here just the basics. Think of your wash bag as a grooming survival kit with just enough skincare rations to see you through to the end of your trip.

Kiehl’s Cross Terrain All In One Refuelling Wash
Kill two birds with one stone with Kiehl’s Cross Terrain All In One Refuelling Wash. This product is a travel bag essential as it can be used for both hair and body, saving you space and time. Containing Aloe Vera and Coconut you can be sure your skin will not suffer the drying out effects of air travel. The tingling sensation from menthol and citrus oil will also provide a welcome pick me up after a long flight. (Prince: $28.00 BUY)

Milk Face Wash and Scrub
Sticking with the two in one products, Milk Face Wash and Scrub is a must for the regular traveller wanting to look bright and refreshed upon arrival. Containing Spirulina, Mint and Vitamin E the skin is cleansed while at the same time walnut shell scrubs dead and dull skin. Your skin will be left smooth, clean and refreshed with only a small lather. (Price: $14.95 BUY)


Nivea For Men Skin Energy Moisturiser
Feeling and looking a little jet lagged? Nivea For Men Skin Energy Moisturiser with Guarana Extract will reduce those glaring signs of fatigue. A small and sturdy plastic container with a nozzle dispenser will also guarantee no spillage on your luggage during transit. Not only does the product energise the skin but moisturises and protects skin throughout the day. Unfortunately you will still feel jet lagged but your appearance won’t give it away. (Price: $11.99 BUY)

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer
If you’ve suffered the misfortune of being sat near a child on your travels then chances are you’re not going to get a great deal of rest. Fortunately Kiehl’s has brought us their Eye De-Puffer as part of the Facial Fuel range. The lightweight formula comes in a small convenient package that can fit right in your pocket. The De-Puffer offers a cooling effect under the eyes and glides on with ease. (Price: $28.00 BUY)

Rexona Men Clinical Protetion Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
Do away with that aerosol that can’t be brought on the plane and pack Rexona Men Clinical Protetion Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. This product is incredibly effective in reducing wetness under the arms and eliminating odour. The deodorant is a roll on that offers 48 hour protection, perfect for long trips, while also moisturising to prevent irritation. With its pleasant long lasting fragrance and wetness reduction this product is a travel bag must, especially when travelling to destinations with warmer climates. (Price: $13.00 BUY)

Braun Mobile Shave
Ensure you don’t return from your trip resembling Tom Hanks from Cast Away with the Braun Mobile Shaver. This electric shaver leaves a close, smooth shave with little to no irritation so there’s no need to pack razor burn cream or shaving gel, saving you space in your luggage. Battery powered and light weight it’s the perfect addition to compliment your grooming travel bag. (Price: $24.00 BUY)


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