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7 Damn Interesting Facts About The Evolution Of Men’s Shaving

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Next time you pick up a razor and think “Ugh…this again?” remember this: you’ve got it good. We’ve been pulling, plucking, burning, tweezing, rubbing off, ripping out, and otherwise removing undesirable hair since the dawn of time, and it has never been this easy.

Fact #1: Shaving In…The Stone Age

The practice of removing unwanted hair got its start before the beginning of written history. Prehistoric cave drawings dating from as early as 30,000 BC show our Neanderthal relatives used clam shells as tweezers (ouch) and sharpened flint blades as razors (double ouch). Flint provided a very sharp edge, but it became dull quickly and frequently needed to be replaced…essentially making it humanity’s first disposable razor.

Fact #2: Shaving In…Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians, never the types to half-ass something, removed all of their body hair from head to toe. Their extreme approach to personal grooming served several aesthetic, religious, and practical purposes. Facial hair symbolized personal neglect, so affluent men typically kept a barber as a member of their household staff and maintained a clean-shaven look. Being hairless also discouraged the spread of disease, lice and other icky things. Shaving became part of a daily hygienic routine thanks to the ancient Egyptians.

Fact #3: Shaving In…Ancient Greece

Shaving historians (is that a thing?) believe Alexander the Great introduced the practice of facial hair removal to the Greeks around 300 BC. It is thought that he discouraged the hirsute look because a beard gave the enemy something to grab onto during battle, putting soldiers with beards at a serious disadvantage. Short hair and closely shaven skin became all the rage in ancient Greece. Talk about a trendsetter.

Fact #4: Shaving In…The Middle Ages

Shaving came in and out of style throughout the Middle Ages, based on the whims of local lords and the religious climate of the time. The grooming industry really began to flourish in the eleventh century, when perfumes, deodorants, other hygienic items, and shaving became popular. In 1096, the Archbishop of Rouen even went so far as to outlaw the wearing of beards to distinguish the faithful from the infidels.

Fact #5: Shaving In…The Industrial Age

The straight razor officially caught on in 1828, with the debut of the famous Sheffield straight razor. In 1847, William Henson invented the hoe-shaped razor that most of us have in our medicine cabinets today, and in 1895 a traveling salesman combined Henson’s shape with a disposable double-edged blade that never needed to be sharpened. Men’s grooming was changed forever.

Fact #6: Shaving in…The 20th Century

The 1920s saw the introduction of the world’s first electric razor, the invention by a US Army colonel. The colonel was a tad crazy – he supposedly thought that if a man shaved often enough, he could lengthen his life to 120 years – good idea but sadly mistaken. The game was upped again in the 1960s, when people began using stainless steel blades and then the invention of the first totally disposable razors.

Fact #7 Shaving In…The Here, Now and Future

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