10 Unforgivable Men’s Style & Fashion Sins [Fourth Edition]

Can you believe we’re already up to our fourth edition of the D’Marge men’s style and fashion sins? It seems every year we continue to discover men’s fashion faux pas that grind our gears. We’ve curated this list based on the D’Marge community’s feedback and our own self righteous opinions. Together they make one awesome list. Enjoy part four.

Sin #1 – Zuckerberg Sandals
Something happened this weekend. I saw three pairs of these sandals on men walking around Melbourne. Clearly there’s been an Adidas fire sale and men have picked up a few pairs. These sandals are hideous. If you own them, burn them. If you see Zuckerberg, burn his too!

Sin #2 – Black work shocks for run/gym workout
Here’s the guy who thinks he’s killing two birds with one stone. Your black work socks may have already had 8 hours of wear but that does NOT give them the right to go running with you. Pack an extra pair of white socks and stop being so lazy (and Dad-like).

Sin #3 – The t-shirt tucked into jeans
Unless you’re Marlon Brando,  avoid tucking your t-shirt into your jeans. We see this phenomenon happen most Fridays in the corporate world. Leave your t-shirt untucked and sport a well cut blazer over the top – you’ll look much more modern and cool.

Sin #4 – Black shirt, white tie combo 
Seen most often at bogan weddings and within the IT industry, the black shirt / white tie combo is often accompanied by a poorly fitting suit and fake D&G wrap around sunglasses. Black shirts in general should only ever be worn with black ties or with an open collar. Keep the gangster vibe for your next dress up party.

Sin 5 – Belts & Braces/Suspenders
I die. The manager of a local Chinese restaurant always rocks his Hermes belt and his colourful braces. Choose one or the other, but they should never be worn together. Even if you own a Chinese restaurant.

Sin #6 – The collapsed shoe
Dress shoes are called dress shoes for a reason. They’re meant to be clean, polished and not falling apart. Guys who insist on wearing dress shoes long after the toes have collapsed inward need to take note. It’s time to trade them  in for a new pair that will last the distance.

Sin #7 – Leaving tags on your suit
You know those cool little tags that are often sewn into the sleeve of the suit? Yes well those need to be taken off before you wear the suit, Einstein.  I’ve interviewed many a candidate who does not know this rule. Remember this. It will save much embarrassment.

Sin #8 Farmer Tans
Nothing says you’ve arrived like a good ol’ fashioned dose of Australian sunburn, the most common being the variety when t-shirts or singlets are worn too often. Sunburn sins also come in varieties such as the popular the Racoon or the I fell asleep on my stomach sunburn. Cover up or uncover but make it even, Steven.

Sin #9 – Male Midriff
This style sin happens when men forget t-shirts and tumble dryers don’t mix. After considerable shrinkage, men continue to wear said t-shirts that eventually show off their midriff like a teenage girl. This means exposure of navel fluff, outties, fat white bellies and perhaps the occasional 6 pack. Buy new t-shirts and keep your gut covered up.

Sin #10 – The Deeeeeeep V
Lastly we have the deep v-neck t-shirt. Once an essential part of any young man’s wardrobe, the deep v is now strictly saved for urban thugs and inked up heroes.  It’s time to ditch the deep v and invest in some scoop necks or v necks that don’t show off as much of your Heavage.

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