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14 Sophisticated Men’s Hats Even Pharrell Would Approve Of

Over the past 12 months hats (not caps) have come back in a big way. Add Pharrell Williams’ resurgence and his unforgettable vintage Vivienne Westwood Grammy’s hat, and it’s no wonder guys (not just the follically challenged) are rushing to get the look.

When it comes to purchasing a hat we prefer choosing a good quality product. Look for hats that are handmade, as care will have been taken with its shape and the way it sits on someone’s head. Quality hats can be acquired for as little as $150… providing you do your research.

In this men’s hat buyers guide we’ve hand picked a selection of fedoras, panamas, bowlers, trilbies and a couple of ‘odd’ straw hats just for fun. We recommend wearing lighter hats as part of a smart casual wardrobe and darker felt ones to shield the cold in the Winter months.

If you need inspiration for wearing a hat we recommend reading our short but sweet men’s hat ‘how to rock’ editorial feature.

Expert Tip: Think of a hat as an investment. Buy something that you’re likely to wear for a few seasons. The more you wear it, the more character it will develop.


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