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5 Simple Tips To Help Men Appear Taller

A man’s height is a funny thing. For some it can be a help (playing basketball) and for others a hindrance (getting things from top shelf). I’m one of the lucky ones who falls into the first category, however no matter how much you have, you always want more. So whether you’re five foot two (Bruno Mars) or six foot two we’ve put together five simple tips on how to look taller.

The Lowdown: How To Look Taller

How To Look Taller1. Stand up straight
Possibly the easiest and best piece of advice you’re ever likely to receive from your parents is to ‘sit up straight’. Not only does it turn your core on and pull your diaphragm in, it will also extend your spine and lift you an inch or so. Don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll puff your chest out like a rooster- just gently extend. FYI – Standing up straight also gives off an air of confidence that people notice.

How To Look Taller2. Wear the right sized clothes
Regardless of height you should always ensure your clothing fits you properly, however in the case of the vertically challenged long arms and legs in clothing gives the appearance you’re auditioning for the remake of Big. Ensure your jackets are not baggy and suits are fitted for your bodyshape, removing extra fabric and generally giving a sharper appearance. Slim ties will really help build an appearance of height. You must also find yourself a good tailor who you trust to alter your clothing to fit you perfectly. Do invest, it’s worth it.

How To Look Taller3. Consider a lift
Women use chicken fillets to give the appearance of size, which means you’re perfectly within your rights to add a little height in the heel area. You can either add an inner sole which will boost you by 1-2cm or go one step further and get yourself into a cuban heeled boot. Visit Zappos as they’ll have more than one pair of dressy boots with an elevated heel. You’ll really notice the difference when you’re out at bars and clubs when you’ve got a little extra edge, but keep it under two inches or you’ll look like you ordered them from Tip: Avoid talking to people on your tippy toes. You’ll look like an idiot.

How To Look Taller4. Avoid clothing that truncates your body
Running vastly different block colours breaks up the length of your body and will make you appear shorter than you really are. Instead, go monochromatic or dress in similar hues to softly break your bottom half from your top half. There’s a reason Kanye West always wears black, it’s slimming and gives him a visual lift. In addition to this definitely steer clear of wearing horizontal stripes. That means nautical stripes and interesting dress shirts are completely out of the question. Hats too are not a good idea, they have a habit of putting a ‘lid’ on you, which is not recommended. Also avoid bowties completely.

How To Look Taller5. Choose the right people to hang out with
We know you can’t break up with your mates because they’re too tall, but you can be aware of going out with your local footy club when all the guys are six foot four. The same goes with dating women who are a lot taller than you- we’re not saying don’t do it, just remember that when she wears heels you’ll appear even shorter.

Remember a good majority of the world’s most successful men are short in stature. Formula 1 drivers, actors and dictators. A big personality and drive will have just as much effect as any of these tips. Just ask my best mate, The Iron Gnome… or this guy.


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