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Affordable Men’s Grooming Products

It’s no secret that men are more image and beauty conscious than ever and with a report from Global Industry Analysts Inc indicating that revenue from the male grooming market is expected to exceed $33.2 billion worldwide by 2015 its clear male grooming is serious business.

However with the cost of some high end products being on the more expensive side it can be difficult for the average male consumer to participate in the male grooming market and provide for themselves an adequate skincare routine.

Fortunately help is at hand as numerous companies are entering the male grooming market, providing products that are both effective and affordable. L’Oreal and Nivea, once solely providing products for females, have now released men’s skincare ranges with L’Oreal Men Expert and Nivea Men.


Even Michael Klim has jumped on the bandwagon with his range MILK. Relative newcomer Bulldog has entered the scene with their natural, body friendly grooming range and Gillette have launched new skincare products alongside their shaving products.

What to know when buying affordable skincare products

When approaching these products don’t let the term “affordable” or “budget” put you off as these products contain the essentials for great looking skin that are on par and even exceed their more expensive counterparts.

With products that identify and treat common skin problems such as tired, dull, dry or oily skin with ingredients such as charcoal, taurine, vitamin E and green tea among others you can be sure you will look your best without breaking the bank.


Cleanser #1 – L’Oréal Paris Men Expert X-Treme Charcoal Foam

With packaging design that reminds us of a Formula 1 car, L’Oreal Men Expert Charcoal Cleanser provides a generous amount for its price the cleanser comes out black and almost looks like a mud mask. Once you begin rubbing it into the skin it quickly becomes a white, thick foam. The key ingredient in this cleanser is charcoal which works like a magnet to effectively draw out dirt and impurities from deep in the skin. You’re guaranteed a deep clean with the charcoal cleanser with skin appearing fresher and cleansed after only one use. (RRP: $12.25 BUY)

Cleanser #2 – Nivea Men Skin Energy Face Wash

If your face is in desperate need of a wake up call then Nivea Men Skin Energy Face Wash is for you. Containing taurine and fine scrubbing particles your skin is not only revitalised but also provided with a deeper, thorough clean. Once you begin working this product into your skin you will be met with a pleasant tingling sensation that invigorates the skin and leaves you feeling more awake. Skin is left looking bright, alive and feeling energised for the day ahead. (RRP: $8.99)

Cleanser #3 – MILK Cleansing Face Wash


This product not only smells amazing but feels incredible. The heavenly smell of rosemary and peppermint first thing in the morning is a delight in itself let alone the fact that skin feels incredibly refreshed. Combined with natural foaming cleansers of coconut and corn skin is cleaned while unclogging pores. Over 50 different nutrients nourish the skin and leave it in its best condition and with glycerin the skin remains protected. The wash creates a light lather quickly and offers a cooling feeling upon application. Skin is left feeling and looking smooth and soft. (RRP: $12.95 BUY)

Cleanser #4 – Bulldog Original Face Wash

Bulldog is the new kid on the block in male grooming but is quickly establishing itself as a go to brand. Like most of its range Bulldog Original Face Wash is packed with natural ingredients and essential oils. The face wash contains citrus lime oil to offer a zing to your skin first thing in the morning. But the key ingredient in Bulldog Original Face Wash is green tea which works to protect skin from free radicals and is widely known for its anti-ageing properties. They combination of these natural properties, and more, offer a gentle clean that does not leave skin feeling tight or dry after use. (RRP: $9.95)

Quick tips for getting the cleanser job done

Lastly its important to know how to correctly use your new face wash, because what point is having all the right tools if you don’t know how to properly use them.

  1. Thoroughly wet the skin with warm water.
  2. Squeeze a small amount into your hand (roughly about the size of a 10 cent coin)
  3. Lather up a little in your hands and apply to face.
  4. Rub vigorously all over face and build up a rich lather, avoiding the eye area. Rub the product into the face with tiny circular motions. Work from the forehead down.
  5. Once your face and neck are completely covered and washed rinse off with warm water until product is completely removed.

Scrub & Exfoliate

You may not be able to notice it but your skin collects dirt, oil and dead skin on a daily basis. The result of this unfortunate build up is dull looking skin from dead skin cells and often breakouts of acne caused by excess oil that clogs pores. The best way to avoid such unsightly outcomes is to invest in a face scrub and make exfoliation a regular part of your skincare regime.

Through effective exfoliation you can unclog pores, remove dead skin, flush out deep down impurities and remove excess oil. Exfoliation is also a crucial part of your pre shave ritual as it helps to reduce irritation and razor burn.

When purchasing a face scrub you should look for one that contains exfoliating agents such salicylic acid which works to remove layers of dead skin to allow for a deeper clean of the pores. Look for products that contain a high number of exfoliating beads and remember to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week to avoid irritation, unless specified otherwise.

Consider your own skincare needs also such as those with sensitive skin will want a product with fine scrubbing particles, alternatively if you have oily skin you will want the maximum scrubbing beads per use. Fortunately there are a number of effective face scrubs on the market that will provide a deep down clean at an affordable price.

Nivea For Men Originals Exfoliating Face Scrub


For the consumer who desires a thorough exfoliation without being too coarse then Nivea For Men Originals Exfoliating Face Scrub is the go to product. With fine scrubbing particles combined with Vitamin E, Minerals and Menthol the skin is provided with a deep clean without skin tightness or irritation. You can be confident this product will remove dead and dry skin, unclog pores and flush out impurities. With a pleasant fragrance skin is left clean, refreshed and feeling invigorated. (RRP: $8.60 BUY)

L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Scrub

Unlike most exfoliants on the market this one is gentle enough to use everyday without irritating or stripping the skin of its natural oils. But don’t let the gentle nature of this scrub deter you, this product gets the job done. Delivering 2000 exfoliating beads per use and containing anti-bacterial salicylic acid the removal of deep down dirt, dead skin and stubborn blackheads is a certainty. This product is perfect for acne prone skin as it’s clinically proven to reduce blackheads by 100% in 4 weeks. After initial use skin is significantly clearer and a reduction of blackheads is visible. (RRP: $12.99 BUY)

Bulldog Face Scrub

With its earthy fragrance and colour treat your skin to the best Mother Nature has to offer with Bulldog Face Scrub. Boasting a plethora of natural ingredients such as nourishing rose hip oil, pumice, moisturising Shea butter and coconut shell you can be sure to receive a gentle exfoliation while moisturising the skin. The face scrub strikes a fine balance by not being too coarse but containing enough fine scrubbing particles to offer an excellent exfoliation. Skin is left smooth, soft and refreshed. (RRP: $9.95 BUY)

MILK Face Wash and Scrub

Save time and money and get healthy looking skin with MILK Face Wash and Scrub. The face wash and scrub provides a rich creamy lather that doesn’t dry the skin out. It soothes your skin with pleasant smelling rosemary and mint while providing a gentle yet effective exfoliation with walnut shell. Dead skin is removed for a better looking skin tone and overall skin is left felling nourished, younger and refreshed. (RRP: $14.95 BUY)

Quick tips for applying your face scrub

Applying a face scrub is similar to how you use a face wash. However it’s important to know the finer details on proper exfoliation to ensure you “scrub up” well.

  1. Wet your face with warm water.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of face scrub into your hand.
  3. Apply the scrub to your face using small circular motion with your fingertips. Apply adequate pressure to ensure deep exfoliation of the pores.
  4. Once face has been entirely exfoliated rinse off product with warm water.


Before razors entered the grooming market facial hair was removed by using shells and water to scrape away hair. Fortunately the art of shaving has become more consumer friendly in recent times with a number of products to help make your daily shave an enjoyable ritual rather than a chore. One such product is the all important shaving gel. Shaving gel helps to lubricate the skin in preparation for shaving and also softens facial hair to provide a closer and more comfortable shave.


The pursuit of a clean shave is a rough process on the skin, removing upper layers of skin and stripping essential oils. With this in mind it’s important to look for products to limit the damage. Products that include moisturising ingredients such as Aloe Vera are the best bet to nourish the skin and prevent dryness.

It’s no secret that Gillette is the standout name when it comes to men’s shaving. However Nivea Men and Bulldog have tossed their hat in the ring with shaving gels that offer a close, smooth shave at an affordable price.

Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Clear Shave Gel

Gillette has always been at the forefront of men’s shaving and with this product it’s easy to see why. The Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Clear Shave Gel is a transparent non-foaming gel that allows you to clearly and accurately see what areas to shave. Perfect for anyone wanting to maintain a particular facial hair style. It contains advanced lubricants that offer an unparalleled glide and a close, smooth shave. (RRP: $8.99 BUY)

Nivea Men Originals Moisturising Shave Gel

Often a close shave comes at the expense of razor burns and cuts. However with the protection offered by Nivea Men Originals Moisturising Shave Gel cuts and nicks are a thing of the past. Offering a gentle shave the gel is packed with Aloe Vera and Vitamins to prevent dryness, tight skin and irritation. The result is a smooth shave and healthy, refreshed looking skin. (RRP: $5.99 BUY)

Bulldog Original Shave Gel

This product was so soothing and calming there was little need to apply an after shave balm post shave. Like all Bulldog products the Shave Gel is jam packed with natural products such as jojoba, Aloe Vera and essential oils that nourish and soothe the skin. The comfort and soothing properties of Bulldog’s Shave Gel does not come at expense of an effective shave, with a clean and close shave provided.  (RRP: $9.95 BUY)

Expert grooming tips to get the perfect shave

No matter how fast or slow your facial hair grows you will have to regularly take part in the ritual of shaving. As this is going to be an ongoing process throughout your life it’s important to know the proper technique to provide a close, comfortable and smooth shave.


It’s important to prepare your face for shaving. Be sure to wash and exfoliate the face with warm water. This will help soften the hair and make it easier to remove.

  1. Apply shaving gel. Build a lather and apply and even amount over the surface of your facial hair.
  2. Before you grab the razor run your fingers along the hair to understand the direction of the grain. Following the grain with your razor will remove the hair easier and with greater comfort.
  3. Run your razor from the top of your beard down to the jaw. Be sure to pull the skin taut.
  4. When shaving your neck run your razor from the bottom of the next upwards to the jaw line. (Again take into consideration the direction of your grain when completing steps 4 and 5)
  5. To get a really close shave, shave the same areas a second time but this time go against the grain on the neck and face.
  6. Once you are satisfied wash away remaining gel and hair with warm water.

Shaving Balms

You’ve reached the end of your morning shave and without fail the telltale damage of shaving begins to rear it’s ugly head. Razor burn, redness, dry skin and overall irritation can be the unfortunate symptoms of shaving. Long ago these problems would have been remedied with tiny squares of toilet paper and alcohol heavy aftershaves with their signature sting.

Luckily men’s grooming labels saw fit to offer an alternative in nourishing aftershave balms.

Aftershave balms offer a much greater experience than their predecessors, in that they contain little or no alcohol. Therefore the trademark sting from normal aftershaves is no more, skin does not dry out (causing further irritation) and skin is left moisturised and soothed post shave. Not only do they feel great on freshly shaved skin many offer a pleasant fragrance that stays with you throughout the day.

As mentioned earlier aftershave balms contain minimal or zero alcohol. It’s important to use an aftershave balm that ditches the alcohol in favour of a moisturising ingredient such as Chamomile to help avoid dry and irritated skin. Moisturising ingredients will also aid in minimising razor burn and redness.

The positive benefits of aftershave balms cannot be understated; the likes of L’Oreal Men Expert, Nivea Men and Bulldog are all too aware of this and offer a number of moisturising aftershave balms at a modest price.


L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Aftershave Multi-Reparing Balm

Developed for sensitive skin this aftershave balm takes a two pronged attack to the damaging effects on shaving. Fortifying minerals fight skin irritation, razor burn and redness while at the same time restoring skin’s protective barrier, which can be weakened during shaving. Like any good aftershave balm it contains no alcohol and has a pleasant smelling aroma. Skin is instantly hydrated upon application and left smooth and comfortable post shave. (RRP: $13.29 BUY)


Bulldog Original After Shave Balm

Use the very best nature has to offer to soothe your skin post shave with Bulldog Original After Shave Balm. Containing green tea that not only fights ageing but also helps to reduce skin swelling and soothe and condition the skin, perfect for post shave discomfort. Vitamin E and Rosehip oil also nourish and soothe the skin. Bulldog’s Original After Shave Balm is incredibly soothing, irritation is minimal and skin is left soft and smooth. (RRP: $9.95 BUY)


Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

No longer will those who are affected from sensitive skin have to suffer in silence thanks to Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm. Developed for those with sensitive skin, and who are most susceptible to irritation, the balm contains Chamomile and Vitamin E to instantly soothe skin. Not only does the balm offer instant relief but over time works to improve the skin’s defences and reduce sensitivity. After using this product you will find little to no irritation and almost zero signs of razor burn. Skin feels instantly smooth and moisturised. (RRP: $11.14 BUY)

Quick tips to get your balm on


It’s easy to suffer from irritation post shave but follow these simple steps to best use your aftershave balm and avoid irritation.

  1. Ensure skin is dry.
  2. Squeeze balm into your hands and apply to face.
  3. Rub across face and up and down along the neck over freshly shaved areas.
  4. Allow to dry before leaving the house to ensure your skin is protected.


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