England Home and Away Kits for World Cup 2014

England Home and Away Kits - 11
Some fresh new looks for the English football team just in time for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Nike launched new home and away kits, revealing designs that focus on English football history and culture.

Home Kit
The new England home jersey is a pure and brilliant white with an engineered pinstripe in the fabric. White satin tape on the shoulders gives the jersey a distinctive shine. The famous three lions crest has a metallic weave to create another shimmering effect. Inside the back of the neck is a pennant tab with a graphic of silver pinstripes that together create a St. George’s cross and the jersey has a modern V-neck collar, which is both functional and styled for sport.

Away Kit
The new England away jersey features a bold red tonal pinstripe design subtly infused with a graphic interpretation of St. George’s cross on the front. The St. George’s cross, representing the English patron saint, is an optical illusion and cannot be seen up close, coming into focus only from a distance. The jersey boasts a unique neckline with a subtle collar design. The front panel goes all the way to the top of the jersey to render the St. George’s cross as large as possible. Ribbing completes the collar around the back of the neck.

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