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5 Ways To Get A Perfectly Masculine (& Female Friendly) Bedroom

The average person spends about one third of their lives sleeping (or less depending on your demanding job!). Rest is important for every mans health, focus and wellbeing and I am here to give you some hints on creating a bedroom you (or a guest) can relax in.

Interior Design Tips #1 – The Furniture & Bed

Interior Design Tips
As a gentleman, there is no excuse to live like a student, and a mattress on the floor does not a bedroom make. So step one, invest in a good quality bed frame. Whether you go for a beautifully built wooden frame or a favourite of mine, choose one that is upholstered in fabric or leather. There are some beautiful statement bedheads on the market.


In this day and age of multi-use rooms, you may also need to include a desk, TV or freestanding wardrobe. In an effort to minimise your room looking like something that is straight out of a Fantastic Furniture catalogue, avoid choosing all the pieces from one range.

A bedroom is above all, the most personal room in your home, so here is your chance to add your own style and personality.

Interior Design Tips #2 – Something on the side

Interior Design Tips
Bedside tables are compulsory. No exception. It will make your life easier to have a place to leave your belongs, phone, plant (a must in every bedroom), book etc. and if your room layout allows, having a side table on each side of the bed is ideal. There are traditional side tables available in the stores or here is another chance to think outside the box.

Using a chair or low stool can be done in a styised way or if you have a collection of hardcover ‘coffee table’ books, they can look great stacked as a bedside table. Before you go out shopping, have a look around your place to see if there are items you can utlise and introduce into your bedroom.

Interior Design Tips #3 – Storage

Interior Design Tips
Reducing clutter in your room is another way to increase a restful sleep. A far as your guest is concerned, the less stuff that is lying around, the better your bedroom will look. The general key to a tidy home is if there is somewhere to put all your belongings, they are more likely to be stored there.

Having enough storage for your clothes and shoes is a must and a gentleman rule for the wardrobe – invest in nice coathangers. This particularly applies if you have wardrobe space that isn’t concealed with doors. If you have office space in your room, drawers, shelving or (appealing) boxes are also imperative. Having a place to put your work and stationery items when you’re not working is important. You’ll find you sleep better when the last thing you see before turning off the lights isn’t a reminder of paperwork and deadlines.


Finally on the storage front, have a dirty clothes basket. It may seem like an obvious statement, but is a very common item missing from a bachelor’s bedroom.

Interior Design Tips #4 – Lighting options

Interior Design Tips
Having only one light source is not enough. Being a lover of lamps comes with my designer territory, not only for aesthetic reasons, but practical ones too. The bedroom of all rooms, is one you need to be able to create a good mood in. Bedside table lamps are ideal, or if you own your home,  there are some fantastic and wall mounted and hanging pendant lights available.

Having different lighting options in the room automatically creates a sophisticated space. If your lighting is on a dimmer, even better. If you have a large space to work with, a standing floor lamp in the corner of the room could also be an option for you.

Interior Design Tips #5 – Layer with personality

Interior Design Tips
Yes, bedrooms should be functional, but they should also reflect your personality. Once you have all your basics sorted, now it’s time to layer the space. This can be done with art, photographs, ornaments, wallpaper, books, a rug or extra pieces of furniture like an armchair or coat stand.

Bedding is a really important one and makes all the difference. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your doona or pillows, go and replace them immediately (you, your guest and your health with thank me for it!). Good quality, regularly laundered sheets are a must and an easy way to make a style statement is your choice of doona cover.

There are loads of options on the market so depending on your overall design scheme, you could go from anything like a plain linen, to a cool print.

Male Bedroom Inspiration

Interior Design TipsInterior Design Tips



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