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5 Awesome Destinations For A Bucks Party

“Best man.” Two words that are simultaneously an honour and a horrible curse. On one hand, youre proud to have been chosen. On the other hand, you’re not so psyched that you now have to give a speech and plan a buck’s party that will go down in history as one of the greatest. Luckily, we’ve got your back. For a one-off buck’s party or an entire buck’s weekend, these five awesome destinations will get your soon-to-be-wed pal in more trouble than he ever dreamed possible.

1. For the man that likes to go hard – Las Vegas

RehabLVLas Vegas is the quintessential American destination for pre-wedding partying and it isn’t hard to figure out why. We’ve all seen The Hangover, haven’t we? Your night out in Vegas doesn’t have to be that raucous, but it easily could be. For the daytime, you can’t go wrong with DJs + girls + sun and Las Vegas is home to some of the most epic pool parties on the planet.

Check out Wet Republic at the MGM Grand and Rehab at the Hard Rock. For nighttime, if you’re looking for something darker and dirtier, Vegas is the US capital of, um, “adult” entertainment. Take in a show and spring for a private booth if you really want to see something you won’t forget (and your wife will hopefully never find out about).

2. For the man who likes the tropics – Thailand

ThailandThailand has built up quite an impressive reputation as an international party destination. Again, we’ve all seen The Hangover Part II, right? The film takes place in Bangkok, but there’s plenty more to Thailand beyond the capital.

Venture out to Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, and Koh Samui, the second-largest, for white sandy beaches, coral reefs, tropical trees, and killer sunrises (which you’ll probably still be awake to see, especially if you hit one of the infamous Full Moon Parties). Spend your off-hours lounging in your luxurious, but shockingly affordable, villa. Spend your days playing with big boy toys at the riffle ranges. And spend your nights playing games of “Ladyboy or Actual Lady?”


3. For the man that likes tacos – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

CaboCabo is consistently rated one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, thanks to its beautiful beaches, luxe resorts, top notch nightlife, and all that bikini-clad eye candy. When people say they’ve “died and gone to heaven,” this is probably what they’re picturing. It’s practically paradise. Soak up the Mexican sun, cool off with dips in the Mexican surf, and fuel up with an endless supply of real-deal Mexican tacos and beer.

Another huge plus of Cabo San Lucas, if you’re up for more than just rest and relaxation, is its excellent big game fishing. The sportfishing in Cabo is world class, great for both the serious fishermen and the first-timer. Marlin is the most famous local catch, but there’s also Pacific Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna and other blue water fish.

4. The for man that likes adventure – Queenstown, NZ

QueenstownA buck’s party is meant to be an unforgettable adventure, so why not make adventure the theme? For that, you don’t have to travel far. Queenstown, NZ is the perfect spot for thrill-seekers who want to get their adrenaline pumping with extreme activities. The resort town is packed with opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, shooting, jet boating, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, skateboarding, sky diving and fly fishing.

People travel from all over the world to ski at the four main mountain ski fields, Cardrona Alpine Resort, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Treble Cone. Queenstown is also near the centre of a small wine producing region, if your nerves occasionally need a break from all the high-octane action.

5. For the man that likes sport – Hong Kong

HongKongOn the other hand, perhaps you’d prefer to watch the action instead of participating in it yourself. For that, head to Hong Kong. There, on a weekend in late March, you’ll find the 3-day Hong Kong Sevens tournament, the premier tournament on the IRB Sevens World Series rugby sevens competition. Alternatively, there’s the Happy Valley Racecourse, a world famous destination for horse racing in Hong Kong.

Trek to nearby Macau for gambling in the “Monte Carlo of the Orient.” Casino games, greyhound racing, sports betting and lotteries are all available if you’re feeling lucky. Afterwards, celebrate your casino victories (or drown your sorrows) with Hong Kong’s legendary suit tailoring. We recommend paying a visit to Harry at Il Sarto.



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