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A Man’s Guide To Decorating A Cool Dining Room

Dining areas are must have in a man space. In a lot of circumstances, they are a multi-purpose area used as a desk when a home doesn’t have a designated office area. Eating dinner on the sofa and using your dining table as a desk for the majority of the time is a whole other story…a stylish man space should have a nice eating area, especially for when you entertain for friends or a hot date.

Whether your dining table is in your kitchen or in another part of your house, here are some helpful hints for a cool dining room:

Dining Tables


Cool dining room
Proportion is the key here, so kit out your dining space with a table and chairs that fits comfortably in the floor space you have. You should be able to move around the table and get in and out of the chairs with ease.

As far as different finishes go, take your pick from clear glass, coloured glass, wood, metal….the list goes on. If you have a very small space, consider selecting a clear glass tabletop.

The optical illusion of the transparency will make it look smaller than it is. In the reverse though, if you have a large space to work with, go big and fill the space. A word of warning though, be mindful of the access to your home in the case of delivery. A 3 metre table may fit perfectly in your interior, but it may not fit in the lift to get it in there.

Dining Chairs

Cool dining room
Dining chairs are something you can have some fun choosing and there are PLENTY of options out there, depending on your aesthetic. There is also a huge variety of seat shapes, back heights, arms, no arms and base options (4-leg, pedestal, cantilever, upholstered, steel, powder-coated, wood).

The rules are a little loose when it comes to chair selection. Just because you have a wooden dining table, doesn’t mean you have to have wooden chairs. I’ve voiced my opinion in a previous post about avoiding a ‘Fantastic Furniture looking matched set’. When out shopping for a new table and chairs, look beyond the setting the store have put together for their display.

Have a play around with some alternatives until you find a combination that is right for you.



Cool dining room
Dining tables should have their own feature lighting (preferably on a dimmer). This especially comes into play when you entertain. Being able to set the mood and create a nice relaxed ambience is a much nicer experience for your guests than having the standard down lights on.

Whether you prefer a pendant light that hangs from the ceiling (or there are some fantastic masculine adjustable wall lights out there at the moment), this unique lighting is the difference between an average and uber stylish dining space. It’s these details that take your man space to a whole new level.

Some fantastic final touches

If your dining table is surrounded by blank walls, it is now time to think about adding some extras to the room. ‘Sterile’ is a look I recommend avoiding at all costs and I am forever banging on about injecting your personal style into each corner of your place.

A minimalistic look is fine, a sterile one is not. If you have space to play with, introduce some storage by way of bookshelves or a console which will also give you extra storage space. Adding wine storage would also be ideal.

If it’s just the walls you need to decorate, consider painting (if you own your own home) and/or hanging some beautiful art. It’s these personal touches that transform your house into a home.

Expert Cool Dining Room Decor Tips To Get You On Your Way

Tip #1

Cool dining room
Start with the right size table for your space, whether round, rectangular, oval or square. Depending on what shape you decide on will determine how many chairs will fit around it, especially when it comes to where the legs of the table are positioned. It is easier to find chairs to go with a table compared to shopping for table to suit the chairs.

Tip #2


Cool dining room
Look at all your dining chair options before you buy. Sit on them to make sure you’re comfortable because while many chairs look great, they can also be so uncomfortable you don’t want to spend more than a few minutes on them. Upholstered chairs in fabric or leather are a lovely choice, especially if you have a lot of hard surfaces in the rest of your interior.

Tip #3

Cool dining room

Adding a pendant light not only adds ambience, but defines your dining space within your interior. This is especially effective when your dining table is in an open plan area. Putting the light on a dimmer is also recommended, especially for when you entertain. It’s nice to have a bit of control over the softness of the light to avoid blinding your guests.

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