5 Ways To Rock A Bag (And Not Look Like a School Boy)

Between smartphones and laptops and gym clothes for your lunch break, there comes a time when you just have to face facts: you have a lot of stuff. The only way to carry it around in style is to succumb to a bag, whether you like it or not. We’re not talking about mens bags, a man-bag or a murse or whatever horrible buzzword the kids are using these days – we’re talking about a real, grown up gentleman’s bag. Below are a few of our favourite looks.

The Lowdown on Mens Bags

Look #1 – Heavily Loaded

Mens BagsAdd a third bag and this would jump into “too much of a good thing” territory, but with just two bags Robert Pattinson proves he has good taste even while traveling. If you’re pulling double duty, avoid the matchy-matchy look. Pattinson gets it right by choosing bags in complementary – but not identical – colours and materials.

Look #2 – On Your Bike

Mens BagsA dapper suit and a bicycle might be a slightly surprising combination, but this is proof it works. The luxe leather bag elevates a bicycle ride through the urban landscape into a street style photography-worthy experience. Just make sure you strap it down tightly, and be prepared to unleash your looking-thoughtfully-into-the-distance pose at any second.

Look #3 – Casual Kanye

Mens BagsKanye has never been one to say no to a fancy backpack. In fact, the man loves the look so much he sent one of his own (a furry one, to be precise) down the Paris runway. That was a totally misguided move, but the one pictured here (Kanye’s 1 of 1 custom “Robot Face” Goyard Backpack) is totally cool.

Look #4 – Totes Rastafarian

Mens BagsSpeaking of cool, this guy is practically sweating it out of his pores. The dreads, the hat, the ever-so-subtle wrist adornment, the decidedly unsubtle striped socks…everything about his look was clearly considered, but it doesn’t come off as fussy or overly styled. The casual blue bag is the perfect finishing touch.

Look #5 – Lunch Break Workouts

Mens BagsIf you’re going to use your lunch breaks to squeeze in a little midday exercise, you’ve got to do better than a cut-rate duffle bag for your gear. What you need is something snazzy that’ll match your suit, like this rugged brown leather number. You can sport it proudly in the office without anyone getting wise to your afternoon exertions.

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