Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight

The Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight is designed to be worn away from exercise and competition, during active recovery’ — while the body is moving, but not competing or engaged in intense exercise. Designed for the football players of World Cup 2014, it’s to ensure that player downtime and travel is used most effectively to aid performance. Effective recovery between games will be of paramount importance, and the precious few days teams have between kick-offs are a period of active recovery and tailored to each player’s needs.

The design team worked on the Nike Recovery Hypertight for more than 18 months. The team followed the insight that compression helps reduce swelling, which can aid muscle recovery. After many different prototypes and comprehensive testing, the Nike design team had just what they were after: a comfortable, graduated compression fit that reduces muscle swelling by putting pressure exactly where it’s needed.

The Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight is now available.


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