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Affordable Men’s Grooming – Part 5 – Men’s Moisturiser

The last stop on any man’s grooming journey should be a good moisturiser. Moisturisers address skin concerns such as dry or sensitive skin, protect and strengthen sensitive skin, improve skin tone, fight ageing and overall improve the appearance of skin. Nowadays many moisturisers also include ingredients that fight the signs of fatigue and brighten up dull and tired skin and the effects of a hectic lifestyle.

Regardless of your skin concerns or needs its important to choose the right moisturiser that works effectively with your skin type. If you suffer from dry or sensitive skin choose a moisturiser with oil based ingredient such Aloe Vera or Chamomile. The signs of ageing can be combated with an oil based moisturiser also. Alternatively if you suffer from oily skin it’s best to use a water based moisturiser. If you’re looking a little worse for wear after a big night or a busy lifestyle then grab a moisturiser that contains ingredients such as caffeine, Vitamin C or Creatine to reduce the signs of tired and dull skin.

A good moisturiser is an important investment and should be a vital element of every man’s grooming regime. Given the number of affordable moisturisers available you can be certain of an excellent grooming investment without breaking the bank.

MILK Moisturiser and Sunscreen

The elements can take their toll on the skin, provide your skin with much needed protection and hydration with MILK Moisturiser and Sunscreen. The moisturiser provides continued hydration throughout the day leaving skin nourished and refreshed upon application. Rosemary and mint smell great and cool the skin while Vitamin A,B and E offer antioxidant properties for the skin. The active ingredient, Homeoxy, is the combination of two algaes that has been clinically proven to prevent ageing defects and UV damage. The Homeo-Shield works to improve the skin’s barriers ensuring your skin remains protected from external damage. (RRP: $19.95)

Nivea Men Skin Energy Moisturiser

It’s difficult to get the adequate amount of rest we need thanks to our busy lifestyle, fortunately your face won’t show it with Nivea Men Energy Moisturiser. Packed with Q10, Guarana and Vitamin E skin is instantly energised and revived. Dull and tired looking skin is visibly reduced almost immediately and skin looks bright and alive. The light and non greasy formula is quickly absorbed into the skin allowing you to get on with your day and upon application a welcome cooling and refreshing feeling is experienced. (RRP: $13.87)

L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Gel Moisturiser

Described L’Oreal Men Expert as a daily shock treatment formula this product instantly reduces the signs of tired and dull looking skin. The hazy and puffy look so many of us are often greeted with in the morning at the bathroom mirror is no more thanks to the combination of Vitamin C and Taurine. The moisturiser delivers a wake up call for the skin and yourself through its refreshing tingling and cooling sensation upon application. Skin is left bright, awake and alive almost instantly. (RRP: $18.49)

Bulldog Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Turn back the clock with this incredible anti-ageing product from Bulldog Natural Skincare. Ingredients such as millet seed and 5 essential oils help deliver visibly looking younger skin as well as offering essential hydration. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced with oak apple tannins that help tighten the skin. Watch the years roll of your face as it delivers younger looking skin in 4 weeks. The non-greasy formula leaves skin hydrated, smooth and soft while providing much younger looking skin after continued use. (RRP: $17.95)

Quick grooming tips when using moisturiser

Unlike the intricate processes that go into creating these effective moisturisers the process of applying them is much simpler.

  1. Ensure skin is dry after washing, exfoliating and shaving.
  2. Squeeze a small amount on finger tips.
  3. Apply product to skin, use a combination of sweeping and circular motions to rub the moisturiser into the skin. Avoid the eye area.
  4. Allow to dry.




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