40 Men’s Slick & Shiny Hairstyle Ideas

Fresh off the World Cup’s parade of impressive haircuts and grooming practices, we’re feeling motivated to try something new with our style. Sophisticated gents like Don Draper and Jay Gatsby have made the sleek, shiny, slicked-back look cool again and we’re loving it.

The current trend is for shorter-on-the-sides, longer-on-the-top cuts that are classic and dapper while still being modern and edgy. Throw a little product in there for some hold and some shine, and you’ve got a clean, masculine, sexy, versatile look that guys like Leo DiCaprio, Adam Levine and Beckham have been rocking.

For inspiration, we’ve put together a gallery of 40 slicked back hairstyles that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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EXPERT TIP – Christopher Dunkley, Men+Co, Melbourne

Styling the perfect slick is more than just smashing loads of greasy product in your hair. First you must style your hair (dry or comb) it into place. You want to avoid too much volume, and then choose your desired finishing product. They key to this is- choose if you want a dry slick, or wet slick.

A wet slick you can use the moisture still in your hair from a clean wash and capture it under the product, use American Crew moulding clay, this will keep the hair pliable and not firm in its structure.

Should you want a dry and more dapper preppy look choose to dry the hair first then use a high sheen slick styling product, such as a grooming cream. A must do styling option when attending black tie functions in your sharpest suit.

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