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5 Cut Throat Razor Brands You Need To Know

There’s something special about mastering the art of the cut throat shave. If men’s grooming were a video game, the traditional straight razor shave would be an advanced level that could only be unlocked after hours of gameplay. But if you’re not gunning for the advanced levels, what’s the point of playing in the first place? Whether you’re just starting out with straight razors, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new toy to play with, these cut throat razor brands are some of the best in the world.


dovo-en-vogue-tempered-frozen-steelDOVO Steelware got its start in Germany in 1906 with a small staff of 13 producing open razors. Decades later, the company has expanded to manufacture scissors and manicure tools in addition to shaving equipment, most of which are exported internationally. Their blades are considered some of the best in the world (must be that famous German engineering). Their selection includes straight razors, shavettes and double edge safety razors.



Fromm-RazorIf you’re looking for a blade on a budget, look no further than Fromm. Fromm razors make an excellent starting point for a gentleman who is interested in experimenting with a straight razor but isn’t yet ready to commit to something more expensive. Fromm tools are an economical, entry-level choice that still look good and deliver decent quality.

Giesen & Forsthoff

giesen-_-forsthoff-straight-razorAnother product of Germany, Giesen & Forsthoff have built a world-class reputation for shaving goods since their founding in 1920. The company grew and thrived despite Germany’s post-war economic problems, building up a large export business in addition to providing superior products at home. The company’s blades, scissors, knives, manicure tools and hairdressing instruments have made the Geisen & Forsthoff name synonymous with quality throughout the world.


Mühle-Carbon-Steel-Straight-RazorThe Mühle legend begins with a badger hair shaving brush. Nearly 70 years later, the brand has developed into an innovative company that blends industrial expertise with skilled craftsmanship. Mühle manufactures razors, shaving kits, soaps and creams with impressive dedication to detail and a focus on producing handcrafted goods designed in-house. The company offers a cultivated, comprehensive product range for the wet shave.


Thiers-Issard-razorThiers-Issard has been producing knives and straight razors out of France since the late 1800s. Founder Pierre Thiers came from a long familial line of master razor makers, logging twenty-four years in the trade before establishing his own company. Now Thiers-Issard is known for creating some of the finest wet shaving tools in Europe. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better.



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