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6 Coolest Berlin Hotels

Berlin is easily one of the coolest cities on the planet right now. 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall (the quarter century anniversary will celebrated in November), the city’s troubled past is fading into history. Germany’s capital has rebuilt and redefined itself as an international hub of culture, creativity, and experimentation. It’s now home to many of the world’s most talented and innovative designers, artists, writers, and other creatives, making the city edgy, trendy and hedonistic in all the right ways.

Tempted to take a trip? A cool city demands cool accommodations, so here are the coolest Berlin hotels:

The Coolest Berlin Hotels

#1 Soho House Berlin

Coolest Berlin HotelsIn its previous lifetimes the Soho House Berlin was a department store, followed by the home of the Communist Party archives and the Central Committee’s Historical Institution. Today, the beautiful Bauhaus building in Mitte is a private members’ club with 65 rooms, 20 fully serviced apartments and 4 spacious lofts. The stylish facilities include includes a Cowshed Spa and gym, a rooftop pool, restaurants, bars, a screening room and the Politbüro event space.


#2 The Mandala Hotel

Coolest Berlin HotelsThe Mandala Hotel claims to be Berlin’s “only independent privately managed 5-star superior hotel” with the “most spacious rooms” in the city. Situated at the junction between former East and West Berlin, the hotel is a perfect home base for exploring the German capital. The Mandala’s 157 suites are trendy, minimalist and ultra-modern to please design geeks. The Qiu Bar, Michelin-starred Facil restaurant and ONO Spa will please everyone else.


#3 Das Stue

Coolest Berlin HotelsHoused in a converted embassy building on the edge of the Tiergarten, Das Stue is a sophisticated luxury boutique hotel with world-class facilities and an international feel. The intimate hotel’s 79 guest rooms offer easy access to all the shopping, art and entertainment hot spots in both East and West Berlin, as well as views across the park and the Berlin Zoo. A 24 hour gym, spa, indoor pool, glass sauna and Michelin-starred restaurant are available to guests.


#4 Hotel de Rome

Coolest Berlin HotelsThe Hotel de Rome is in yet another building with interesting history. Before becoming an elegant resting place for discerning travellers, the space was the headquarters of the Dresdner Bank. The building’s past has now been seamlessly incorporated into the hotel, where guests are treated to the grandeur of its original architectural details, room doors designed to look like bank vaults, a swimming pool in the former jewel vault and a ballroom where the cashier’s hall once was.


#5 Lux 11

Coolest Berlin HotelsA residential building for officers. A military hospital during the First World War. A KGB telephone surveillance station. The Lux 11 building, too, lived many lives before it became one of the most popular designer residences in the city. Its hip and spacious open-plan apartments and suites are now favourite accommodations for the creative community, who can often be spotted in its concept store and milk bar Type Hype, Prince restaurant and clothing store Ulf Haines.


#6 Casa Camper

Coolest Berlin HotelsYou’ve heard of the trendy footwear brand Camper. Now you can stay in a Camper hotel. In keeping with the company’s ethos, Casa Camper is a contemporary design hotel that focuses on comfort, relaxation and ecological awareness. Amenities include environmentally friendly products, use of a Camper bike, and fresh snacks and drinks 24 hours a day at the top floor Tentempié buffet – all free of charge for guests of the hotel.




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