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On The Wrist: G-Shock’s Full Metal MT-G Watch

We’ve had the privilege of road testing the new G-Shock MT-G models this week. As much as it surprises us to say this, G-Shock is officially all grown up.

It’s hard to believe, but the groundbreaking G-Shock DW-5000C came out three decades ago. If you wanted a shockproof watch prior to that, you were pretty much you-know-what out of luck. You could maybe spend a fortune on something waterproof designed for divers, but your search for a rugged digital sports watch would be all but futile.

Back in the day, the original G-Shock’s features included an alarm clock, a built-in stopwatch, a date-and-calendar display, a face that lit up, a battery-life rating of 10 years, water resistance down to 650 feet and the ability to withstand a drop onto concrete from 32 feet in the air.

G-Shock MT-G - 08

G-Shock’s line-up has diversified a lot since that initial foray, but it’s never had a watch as executive-friendly as the beauties we’ve currently got our hands on. Casio released the G-Shock MT-G to celebrate hitting the big 3-0. We’ve been told the MT-G was the result of two years of development, and it shows.

The design is sophisticated. The features are thoughtful. The technology is innovative. All we can say is that other makers of premium timepieces had better watch their backs, and we think our readers will be seriously considering the MT-G in the sub $1,500 price bracket.

Remember what we said two seconds ago about thoughtful features and innovative technology? This is what we were talking about:

G-Shock MT-G - 09

Triple G Resist
The MT-G’s Triple G Resist means it is one badass watch. Its shock resistant structure absorbs and repels strong shocks and vibrations. Its centrifugal gravity-resistant structure assures stable hand movement, even under pressure from powerful gravitational forces. And its vibration-resistant structure uses Alpha Gel as an insulator to protect against damage and operating errors in the face of violent vibrations.

Smart Access
Your phone is smart and now your watch is too. The Smart Access system combines multiple motors with an electronic crown structure for joint operation of various functions. Once unlocked, simple operation of the electronic crown makes actions such as World Time city selection and alarm setting even easier.

Core Guard Structure
This is why your MT-G is so damn tough. The resin core of the watch is nestled between upper and lower metal frames, then secured with shared tension screws that have been cushioned with Alpha Gel. It’s a seriously durable combination.

Layered Composite Band
You might think all the complicated things are happening inside the case, but you’d be wrong. The solid stainless steel band of the MT-G is layered on the underside with soft-touch, low-thermal conductance resin panels which not only enhances the watch’s overall shock resistance, but also makes it feel luxurious against the skin.

3D Index
All the tech is cool, but your watch is useless if you can’t actually read it. Thankfully, that isn’t a problem here. This G-Shock is made über legible via a three dimensional, layered style structure that uses individually molded parts to ensure clear visibility.

Meet The Models

G-Shock MT-G - 30

Casio graced the world with two versions of the G-Shock MT-G: the MTGS1000D-1A and the MTGS1000BD-1. Either one is perfect if you care what your wrist says about you, but know you have a nasty habit of shattering crystals. The MT-G stands for “Metal Twisted G-Shock,” so even your expert-level clumsiness is unlikely to damage these beasts.

The differences between the two models are purely aesthetic and a little price. The MTGS1000D-1A is made in polished stainless steel and resin, while the MTGS1000BD-1 is made in black ion-plated steel and resin.

Other than that, they’re packing the same selection of parts and features, including sapphire glass with non-reflective coating, 29 timezones, a 1/20-second stopwatch, a full auto-calendar, 3 dials and a 5-month battery-life on a rechargeable battery with normal use. If stored in darkness with the power save function on after a full charge, that time jumps to 27 months.

G-Shock MT-G - 35

The movement, which features a chronograph function, is Casio’s LED-infused “Tough Movement” with a Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping feature that receives radio-controlled time and date updates from global transmitting stations. All case and movement components are made in-house at Casio’s factory in Yamagata, Japan.


To get yourself a G-Shock MT-G you’re looking at the following prices:
$1,199 (S1000D-1A – Silver model)
$1,299 (S1000BD-1A Black model).

Where To Buy Your G-Shock MT-G



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