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10 Cool Desk Lamps To Brighten Your Life

brendan-ravenhillNothing makes a dreary work day drearier than a poorly lit desk. Think Monday sucks now? Wait ’til you sit down and realize your workspace is even darker than the mood you’re in. No productive week starts that way. At best, you should arrive at your desk excited to take on whatever challenges life throws your way. At worst, you should at least be able to ponder the previous weekend’s excesses by the warm, welcoming light of a stylish modern desk lamp. In its comforting glow, even that drunk text message you sent your ex will look slightly less regrettable. We can’t promise you’ll ever have a relationship with her again, but we can promise that a relationship with one of these 10 sleek desk lamps will be long and loving.



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The playbook for the modern man

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