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Simple Man-Tips For Rocking An Oversized Watch

The following article has been sponsored by G-Shock MT-G

The oversized watch was once a trend, but today it’s safe to say oversized is the normal way men wear watches. Sure some aficionados will tell you that small is best but we think big is better. We’ve decided that some of our readers still need a little help when wearing oversized watches. Even if they’re not your everyday choice, there’s a time and a place for a big watch. Pun intended.

Here are five simple tips to remember when rocking your unmissable oversized watch:

#1 – If you only have one, then go classic


Let’s be honest here. Some oversized watches are just plain ugly. Not classic, not cool, just big and rude. If you’re not minted and you’re only going to have one good (oversized) watch then choose one that will stand the test of time. Keep the colours simple with, silver, blue or black, and the same applies with the face of the watch. Once you have the luxury of multiple oversized watches then you can drop some colour in the mix.

#2 – They’re not meant for every occasion


You’ll soon realise that your oversized watch does not work for every occasion. Big is great but it’s not always going to work at weddings, bah mitzvah’s or 1999 rave parties. If you have a fancy dinner then maybe choose another watch, but if you’re going to see Bliss & Eso then by all means rock it.

#3 – Think ahead when getting suited


Depending on how smart your tailor is, you’ll find large watches do not always fit under shirt cuffs. They can ruin the look of a suit by preventing the classy shirt cuff from appearing below the jacket. In situations like these think ahead and take your watch with you when buying new threads. This applies to both suits and more casual leather jacket + shirt looks like above.

#4 – Love thy weekend watch


If there’s one thing an oversized watch is great for it’s weekend wear. That means jeans, t-shirt, cool sneakers and your big watch down at the local impressing your mates with your style. The same applies for the gym when you’re sweating up a storm, some sport focused oversized watches will be right at home.

#5 – Size is everything


Lastly, we all don’t have arms like Arnie. Oversized watches can sometimes feel like you’re wearing a kettle bell on your arm. If you have small wrists then choose an oversized watch that’s in proportion, otherwise try different straps (cloth or rubber) to de-chunk its appearance. Problem solved.

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