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Simple Solutions To Common Men’s Hair Problems

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As a man, your hair is one of the most prized parts of your anatomy – yes, besides the other thing. In fantasy stories, the hero has long (often red) hair and the women coo as he slays the dragon and chugs a horn of ale. In reality, you need to take care of your hair to maintain its health and keep it in your head. We’ve put together a very simple fact sheet on the things you need to manage when it comes to your luscious locks.

Hair Problem #1 – Dandruff

Psoriasis skin
You’re on a date, things are going well and then you start scratching like a Labrador at a tick farm. Flakey white stuff falls from your head, leaving a nice coating of snow on your shoulders. It’s not a good look. Dandruff is caused by many factors, but often it’s simply because your scalp is either too dry or not clean. Lucky for you, it’s easily fixed with a dandruff-specific shampoo and conditioner. These shampoos often contain ketoconazole or coal tar which combat itchy and dry scalps. Use them every few days until your scalp is back to normal.


Hair Problem #2 – Thin Hair


Some of us are lucky enough to be born with thick and strong hair. For others, it’s a fair batch of wispy straight hair that’s nearly impossible to style. In this case we’re not talking about balding men, but rather those with thin and lifeless hair. If you’re suffering from this, we recommend a few simple solutions. #1 Salt water: It’s free and will add extra body and stiffness to your hair. #2 Thickening shampoo: As the name suggests, it’s designed to make your hair thicker. #3 Regularly wash your hair: For some reason, washed hair is easier to style and manage. Fun fact: Apparently us redheads have fewer follicles per square centimeter than brunettes or blondes.

Hair Problem #3 – Dermatitis / Psoriasis

Man scratching head

Dermatitis and psoriasis are causes of dandruff, but with much more serious side effects like itching. Imagine you’re in the throes of love-making only to find yourself having to scratch your head – that bad. You can try a prescribed steroid cream, but prolonged use can weaken the skin. Instead keep your hair clean through regular washing, use minimal hair products and, when you shower, rinse with cool water only as hot water aggravates the issue. A dip in the sea can be helpful, too.

Hair Problem #4 – Male Pattern Baldness


We’re all fearful of this battle. Losing your hair is one of the pitfalls of being male. Remember that prevention is better than cure. When you start to see your hair falling out or thinning, go see a good dermatologist immediately. They are best equipped to deal with this issue and may prescribe a regimen to stop or even reverse the baldness. There are some great products on the market that contain minoxidil, which is a topical treatment for male pattern baldness. Get onto it before you’re asked to be a stunt double for the delightful Patrick Stewart.

Hair Problem #5 –  Grey Hair


If grey hairs are starting to appear, look at managing them with a product like Just For Men. You’ll keep the grey at bay and turn back the clock. Just For Men is simple to apply, so you don’t need to visit a salon or anything fancy like that.

Just For Men is a simple solution to manage your grey and achieve the look you want. It’s made for luscious hair, not so luscious hair and manly beards. It’s quick and easy to apply, too. You’re still the same you. Only now, with the look you want.


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