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5 Leather Goods Brands We Are Loving At The Moment

There are two kinds of leather goods in this world. The first is designed for the extravagant consumer, one who wants only the finest (and most expensive) of everything. The second belongs to the 21st century hipster buyer, who fills his closet with unique, indie products that could almost be DIY projects (if he was actually any good at DIY, which he probably isn’t). Our favourite leather goods brands of the moment combine the best of both worlds into beautiful, useful, high-quality collections of bags and accessories.

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

want-les-essentiels“Our goal has been to look at all of the needs of people in motion and figure out how we could better their experiences,” says WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie co-founder Byron Peart. The brand offers timeless pieces for the modern traveller, including briefcases, weekenders, backpacks and accessories. Each bag strikes a balance between fashion and function, meaning everything from your daily commute to intercontinental travel will be both smooth and stylish.


makrInspired by his background in architecture, Jason Gregory began producing small leather goods with a laser CAM (a machine designed to make precise etchings and cuts). The line was initially a small made-to-order experiment, but 10 years on MAKR has become a well-established brand in the luxury market. The products range from wallets, to bags, to iPad sleeves, to phone accessories, to key chains and studio furnishings – all as beautiful as they are well made.


mismoHusband and wife team Adam Bach and Rikke Overgaard founded Mismo after growing sick of seeing unsophisticated, uninspired nylon bags for work and travel. The first Mismo collection was launched in 2006, and today the brand has become one of Denmark’s most influential accessories labels and a staple in the men’s luxury luggage market. Mismo’s leather designs are supremely straightforward – simple, functional, and durable, with nothing more and nothing less than what’s needed.


dunhillLeather goods may not be what Dunhill is most famous for (that would be the lighters), but they’re well worth a look. The British luxury goods brand is based in London, where it owns and operates a leather workshop for its accessories line. Briefcases, wallets, belts, document holders, messenger bags, weekend holdalls… leather bags of all kinds have been at the heart of the Alfred Dunhill brand for over 100 years, and continue to set the standard for luxury craftsmanship.

Troubadour Goods

troubadourAbel Samet and Samuel Bail faced a problem: they wanted a well-designed, high-quality, versatile overnight bag, but the piece they were looking for was nowhere to be found. Realising there was a gap in the market, the duo decided to create their own bag and Troubadour Goods was born. Troubadour products are handcrafted by artisans in Italy from the finest vegetable-tanned leather, based on a philosophy of functional design, durability and a contemporary aesthetic.




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