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10 Gentlemanly Watch Instagrams To Follow

They say “Those who can’t do, teach.” We say “Those who can’t own fancy watches, stare at other people’s on Instagram.” The saying is not quite as pithy, but it’ll have to do. We are far too busy getting lost in these 10 epic watch Instagram accounts to care what you think of our command of the English language, anyway.

rarebirdsMeet Andee, a watch enthusiast who has spent the last decade indulging in his love of vintage Rolex and Heuer chronographs. On his blog,, he shows off a mixture of his private collection, outstanding pieces from the collections of his friends, and watches for sale. The accompanying Instagram is nothing but pure watch porn, with the occasional snap of a watch on the wrist of a lovely lady.


heuervilleAs you can probably guess by the name, Heuerville is dedicated entirely to the Switzerland-based brand from which it takes its name. The man behind it all is Stewart, a life-long watch fanatic who is particularly interested in vintage Heuer dive watches. Now he indulges in his passion by making hand-crafted leather racing straps for Heuer timepieces and chronicling his adventures in horology on a blog and Instagram.


hodinkeeWe can’t write a list of must-follow watch Instagrams without including Hodinkee. For the uninitiated, Hodinkee is one of the biggest, best, and most well-respected online watch magazines in the biz, with reviews, critiques, and reports on high-end watches both vintage and modern. You can find Hodinkee all over social media – from Facebook to Tumblr to Twitter to Pinterest – but nothing beats the simple visuals of the Hodinkee Instagram.


ole-mathiesen“The exclusive Danish representative for the world’s finest luxury watch brands,” reads the Ole Mathiesen Instagram bio. We couldn’t say it any better ourselves, so we won’t try to. In a world where luxury watches are often more about making fashion statements and showing off status, Ole Mathiesen timepieces are shockingly simple. No pretension, no gadgets, no ostentation, but no shortage of style. The Instagram feed shows pieces from various brands, all exceptionally elegant.


bridge-and-barrelFellow Melbourne natives Bridge and Barrel, like us, thrive on the finer things in life. You’ll find all sorts of sartorial treasures on their Instagram account, from footwear to accessories to snappy suits. Bike buffs will also find snaps to stimulate their inner cyclist. But what we’re here for today, of course, are the watches. Bridge and Barrel provides plenty of them, and they’re beautiful.


european watch coScrolling through the Instagram feed for European Watch Co is like taking a stroll through an art museum designed solely for watches. Every dial exhibited looks like a work of art – except this is a museum you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch, instead of incurring the sore feet and boredom that inevitably come from working your way through a real museum. The only downside is that this museum doesn’t come with a self-guided audio tour.


watchfredWe can’t tell you much about Instagram user watchfred, except that he’s one to watch (forgive us the pun). He promises to post three pictures each day – primarily of vintage watches – plus the occasional bonus post when he’s feeling especially inspired. He also promises a plethora of blue striped shirts and damn, does he deliver. Great watches, great shirt cuffs… what more could a man ask for?


watches-in-romeWatches In Rome is a small store in the heart of Rome near the Spanish Steps. Collectors have made pilgrimages to the shop for more than 30 years to indulge in their passion for the noble art of time measurement. Now the second generation of the founding family is in charge, and they’ve updated the business for the 21st century with an envy-inducing Instagram account.


watches-of-knightsbridgeIf you’re in the mood to blow a little cash on an auction, pay a visit to Watches of Knightsbridge. The London-based family business has been in the game for over 50 years, specialising in fine modern and vintage timepieces. Before investing, you can take a sneak peek at their wares, and get a little history on each of the pieces, on the Watches of Knightsbridge Instagram account.


watch-smugglerDespite the name, Watch Smuggler is a perfectly legitimate business (at least we think so). The company website promises a “new attitude to vintage watches” and, frankly, we don’t care what their attitude is as long as they keeping turning out the horological eye candy. Get lost in their Instagram page next time you’re trying to figure out what to spend your paycheck on instead of rent.




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