Men’s Bed Hair Hairstyles – Inspirations & How To Rock It

More often than not, it seems like we’re telling you to put more effort into your lifestyle. Get your suits tailored. Up your grooming game. Revamp your apartment. Upgrade your gadgets. Learn to drink like a classy bastard.

Just once, wouldn’t it be nice if we simplified things instead?

Today we’re going to do just that, and tell you how rock dishevelled-but-dapper bed head hairstyles. It’s the best of both worlds: handsome as hell, but doesn’t try too hard to be that way. Keep these pointers in mind if your locks are ready for a new look:

  • Only attempt it if you have straight hair. Artfully scruffy bed head won’t work with curls or waves.
  • Steer clear if you have a slim face. It’ll make your head look disproportionately huge. Bed head is best suited to classically square jawlines (and bonus points if you pair it with a bit of stubble).
  • Don’t overdo it at the barber. The cut should be messy and choppy. For once, imperfection is the goal. Keep the sides longer to flatter your face.
  • Be natural. It’s easy to get carried away with product and styling techniques. Don’t do it. Bed head hairstyles are meant to be casual and unpolished – like you just woke up and strolled out the door looking like you walked off the pages of GQ. Apply minimal product if you want to add texture, then muss your hair into the desired level of unruliness. You can ruffle it with your hands, shake your head from side to side, or even actually roll around in bed until it’s in perfect disarray.

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