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How To Rock A Casual Friday (And Win The Week)

The following article has been sponsored by HUGO BOSS

With the summer sunshine come the bikini-clad dream girls flocking to the bars in search of Prince Charming. And they expect Prince Charming to be well dressed. This is why Friday morning has just become the most important fashion decision-making moment of your week.

We’re here to take the pressure off, with some advice that will make you the most stylish guy in the office and the bar come Friday!

Getting this casual Friday thing right is not as hard as you may fear.


Don’t forget…

  • You do still need to work in the day, so nothing too casual or comical. Keep it professional.
  • It can get pretty hot out there! As good as that wool suit you got in the sale is, now is not the time to try other options. Think lightweight materials.
  • Layering is key. Jackets and shirts that can be thrown over or under your day work outfit can literally transform what you’re wearing from a.m. to p.m. Simple!
  • It’s summer and the end of your working week! Have some fun! Don’t conform to what you think of when you hear ‘smart casual’ – grey and brown shades in boring cuts.  Experiment with colour and try new things.

There are a few items you should base your Friday get-up on that mix relaxed tailoring with a casual, stylish feel.

Talking Colour

Remember colour is your friend.

Don’t be scared. Try introducing subtle flashes and trims into looks through accessories, trouser turn-ups, shirt lining etc. Or, if you feel brave enough, try a statement trouser or blazer in a bright seasonal colour or pastel shade. This season, the catwalks have been overrun with hues of orange, green and blue.

The Bottom Half

Chinos – the classic trouser of choice for a relaxed Friday.

Hugo Boss Chinos

Try a light coloured, slim leg chino with bold, colourful turn ups. They’ll inject colour into your outfit and can be teamed with almost anything on the top half. If you are more of a jeans man, make sure they are light, easy wear denim and try a colour option such as green or the shade of the season: burnt orange.

Shorts – Officially acceptable smart casual attire.

Smart casual dressing rules change in the summer – in Australia, anyway. It’s just too hot for them not to. Just remember that shorts need to be worn with a tailored shirt or alternative smart top option. Shorts should be tailored themselves, in darker shades so when teamed with a brighter shirt, they really pop. Just remember to not go too short with the shorts.

The Top Half

Jackets and blazers – A great way to inject some colour and tone down or dress up an outfit.


Heavily tailored slim cut blazers worn with relaxed chinos and polo shirts inject a slice of smart into any casual get-up. A relaxed sports jacket in a statement colour of blue or orange, or even a stylish suede-sleeved bomber jacket, can make the most structured separates look a little more relaxed.

Shirts – A relaxed, open collar sky blue shirt or chambray denim style is a great place to start.


Shirts are also a great way to add some colour. Try a bright clashing red and blue check design. You can experiment with fabrics and arm length. A short sleeve is appropriate if worn with tailored enough trousers, and rolling up the sleeves of a more tailored work shirt is a simple way to dress down an outfit for a casual evening out.

Lightweight cottons, silk and linens can still look smart but less restrictive than other starchy fabrics, so they’re a good option for the summer months.

Finishing Touches

Don’t think that now you have a good pair of chinos and the perfect summer shirt/jacket combo, you are all done. Bold pocket squares in blazers can raise your style stakes right up along with a pair of aviators, a new watch or a leather, oversized bag.

These simple extras can really make your outfit shine and seal the whole look together.

Foolproof Looks


These looks combine the points perfectly and encapsulate how to get that promotion and be fighting off the ladies come Saturday morning… You’re welcome!

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