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Essential Tools To Maintain The Perfect Moustache

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Gents, it’s time to get them out again. Your moustache that is. This Saturday sees the arrival of Movember, the global charity initiative designed to raise awareness for men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. As the annual movement continues to gain traction, we’ve got a list of the top six grooming tools to help keep your Mo from turning into a mo-fro as things get hairy in Movember.

#1 Moustache Comb


With great facial hair comes great responsibility. The Kent Movember 2014 Moustache comb is the perfect starting tool to help ensure that your mo is more stylish than Beckham’s quiff. The comb is available at Kent Brushes.

#2 Moustache / Beard Oil


Congratulations lad, you’ve graduated to level two of mo-maintenance.  Beard and moustache oils have become big business with the overwhelming number of bikies hipsters entering the scene. We should praise them though because without their enthusiasm, these handy little bottles would not be so readily available for those embarking on Movember. Stop itching, mo-dandruff and let your facial hair scent intoxicate legions of women with this beard oil from Chin & Tonic.

#3 Facial Hair Clippers/Trimmer


Monopoly man would be proud. Another essential to Movember is not just growing a mo, but ensuring that it stays well within the respectable confines of ‘Magnificently Moustached Bastard’ instead of ‘Seedy Gym Guy Doing Pole Fitness’. Do it right with these facial hair trimmers from David Jones.

#4 Moustache Wax

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.56.35 am

The missing link in mo-domination, moustache wax will allow you to shape and hold the most elaborate of structures into your hard-earned whiskers. Uppercut Deluxe stocks the perfect wax with their limited edition Movember Mo Wax.

#5 Inspiration


Just as you can’t build a masterpiece without inspiration, the perfect super mo-del cannot be obtained without some proven inspiration from yesteryear. Unless of course you have an encyclopedia of moustaches. The Little Book of Moustaches is the perfect book to keep the creative juices flowing when you start noticing your mo is no different from that of Ned Flanders’. The Little Book of Moustaches can be found at Booktopia.

#6 Grey Care


Getting rid of grey is a huge part of achieving the ultimate Movember look. Pick up a package of Just For Men in your desired shade and save yourself an expensive trip to the barber. The fast and easy Just For Men brush-in gel uses an ammonia-free formula to get rid of greys in 5 minutes, leaving behind facial hair that looks well-groomed, fuller and more even.

Just For Men is made for manly moustaches like this guy and yours. Get onboard, you devilishly handsome bastard, you.

You can find out more on the Movember movement here.

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