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5 On Trend Movember Moustache Styles

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Thanks to Movember, that special time of year when men can bring their attention to detail to the fore in keeping it neat all month, the moustache has become a bonafide pop culture phenomenon.

In fact, growing one is not just cool – it’s the coolest thing you could possibly do until December as the global charity initiative is designed to raise awareness for men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.


So obviously, we say ride that wave of trendiness while you can and experiment with one of these smart Movember moustache styles.

The Heritage Workwear Guy

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If you want to be a Mo Bro and grow a moustache for Movember, really grow a moustache for Movember. No holds barred. For this heritage workwear-inspired look, you’ll need to invest in some wax in order to curl the ends and a new wardrobe that suits your retro facial fluff. And don’t forget to invest in a hefty dose of confidence – you’ll need it to pull this off.

The Established Rocker

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When you’re the lead singer of a rock band, you can do anything you damn well please in the name of rock ‘n’ roll. That includes sporting a tache that would look seriously silly on anyone else, like old Nick Cave here. He matches his luxurious upper lip bush with equally luxuriant eyebrows and long hair, all in a rockstar-approved, Goth shade of black.

The Ladies Man


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More and more ladies are showing love for the moustache, so even the youngest and prettiest amongst us are embracing the trend. Case in point: Zac Efron, a Hollywood heartthrob so famous for his chiselled cheek bones and buff body it’s amazing anyone even noticed the facial hair. Props to Zac for rocking that well-manicured ‘Mo (and even a bit of beard to go with it).

The Full Beard & Moustache Combo

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Now if Zac really wanted to be rebellious, he could take a cue from the man, the myth, the legend – Nick Wooster. Has any hirsute gentleman looked more stylish than this chap right here? The curled moustache, the perfectly groomed beard, the cool haircut to match…Wooster is proof that looking on-trend is an option at any age. The only way Nick could look better was if he touched up that grey.

The Tough Guy

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Maybe when you think “tough,” you think of a biblically-bearded Hell’s Angels member clad head-to-toe in leather. And you wouldn’t be wrong, but this is the 21st century and your definition of “tough” doesn’t have to be so narrow. Brad Pitt and his diminutive moustache defined badassery in the 2009 film Inglourious Basterds.

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