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10 Greatest Moustaches To Ever Hit The Silverscreen

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Remember, remember the moustache of Movember!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for facial hair fanatics: the month formerly known as ‘November.’ These days we’ve ditched the old name in favour of ‘Movember,’ the month-long  moustache growing extravaganza designed to spark conversation and raise vital funds for men’s health programs. At this stage you probably have a killer looking Movember Mo, so we’ve put together a bit of big screen inspiration to remind you of some classic Mo’s.


Billy Dee Williams – Star Wars


Ok, so Lando Calrissian was kind of a traitor, but you’ve got to admit the man had style. His Cloud City digs were sweet, he could rock a cape like nobody’s business, and he knew how to wear a moustache with style. Luckily he redeemed himself in Return of the Jedi, or we’d feel guilty including him on this list.

Christopher Lee – The Face of Fu Manchu


Presumably criminal mastermind Fu Manchu had time to kill between faking his death, setting up shop in a secret base below the Thames, and kidnapping the esteemed Professor Muller. We like to think he spent it growing the legendary moustache he sports, which became so famous it’s often referred to by his name.

Kurt Russell – Tombstone



Kurt Russell’s luxurious upper lip in Tombstone should serve as ample motivation this Movember. The film is filled with one of the most impressive groups of manicured moustaches ever seen on screen, but the beautiful bristles and gently sloping sides of retired peace officer Wyatt Earp’s foliage deserve special commendation.

Joel Edgerton – The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby is a favourite around here, as anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing its spectacular costumes cab easily imagine. But it’s not just about the suits and shoes and silk pocket squares for us. We’re also a little in awe of Aussie actor Joel Edgerton’s expert-level moustache achievement.

Daniel Day Lewis – The Gangs of New York


Daniel Day Lewis may be one of Hollywood’s most reluctant and reclusive stars, but he knows how to make a statement when he steps out. Not only is he a consistently snappy dresser on the red carpet, the film-going public will be hard-pressed to forget his epic Gangs of New York whiskers any time soon.

Will Ferrell – Anchorman


The milk was a bad choice, but the moustache was not. Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy character in Anchorman quickly became a legend for everything from his unforgettable wardrobe to his uber-quotable dialogue. Not least amongst his achievements was his manly, 70s-style moustache, which took centre stage in the sequel’s ad campaign.


Harry Shearer – This Is Spinal Tap


Harry Shearer turned his facial hair all the way up to eleven for This Is Spinal Tap. Though his fictional Spinal Tap bassist Derek Smalls was described by his bandmates as being “kind of like lukewarm water,” there was nothing lukewarm about his over-the-top bro-merang. He took ‘go big or go home’ to the next level.

Robert Redford – Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid


No list of one of the ultimate symbols of masculinity would be complete without an entry for Robert Redford. As the Sundance Kid opposite Paul Newman’s Butch Cassidy, he proved that he could do facial hair just as well as he could do everything else – pretty much perfectly. Not many guys could make that Mo look good, but Redford does it.

Samuel L. Jackson – Pulp Fiction

Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction movie

Samuel L. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction performance gets most of its attention (and we can’t say it’s undeserved) for his Bible passage speech and stylishly simple wardrobe, but his soup strainer is equally impressive. Only a man overflowing with badassery and street cred could pull of a horseshoe moustache and fine sideburns.

Brad Pitt – Inglorious Basterds



The Pitt moustache took a lot of criticism when it made its debut, but when you’re Brad-effing-Pitt you can have anything on your face and still look like a matinee idol. He proudly sported the look on red carpets and on the big screen for Inglorious Basters, and even told People, “Who am I without creative facial hair?”

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