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Hot Men’s Hair Trends For Summer

The following article is brought to you in partnership with LYNX

When the Summer hits and surf’s up you know it’s time to update your look with a new haircut. Instead of the traditional routine, we recommend stepping outside the box and jumping onto some of this season’s hottest hairstyle trends for men. It just so happens we have three of the best for you below.

To make matters all the more serious, we caught up with hairstylist Chris Kapetanov to get his thoughts on how to style the perfect Summer look.

The Modern Short Back & Sides


Shaved hair is this season’s big trend and this example is a fresh take on a time honoured short back and sides tradition. With a little length on top and sides shaved neatly you’re on the way to an edgy but presentable look for Summer.

GET THE LOOK: Part the hair while wet and apply LYNX Peace Natural Look Cream. Combing through whilst wet will help you to mould the overall shape and define the side part. Then blow dry smooth with a Denman brush to encourage natural body and shine. Finish off by applying LYNX Messy Look Reworkable Paste to give more hold, combing the hair back and to the side and a textured finish.

The Undercut Is Back


What was once for Vanilla Ice and MTV returns bigger and better than ever for Summer. To master this look, ensure you’ve got some good length (and coverage) on top and shave either the sides or the whole way around. Still need convincing? Think of Brad Pitt in his new film Fury. Sold!

GET THE LOOK: The undercut for summer is a great alternative, the short sides and back keep the style looking edgy and sharp whereas the long hair on top is easily swept back.

Whilst still slightly damp apply LYNX Hot Night Proof Gel from roots to ends, combing the product through. Dry the hair forward onto the face, this will create volume once the hair is pushed back and dry. Using your hands to sweep the hair off the face, breaking it up and creating a bit of texture. At this point a touch of hairspray can be added for extra texture and hold. If you’re wondering how this style will hold up under the summer sun, you needn’t worry – Lynx have ensured the Hot Night Proof Gel is is both sweat and water resistant.

The Modern Pompadour


Big is better, always. And the modern pompadour is a testament to that. Shaped nicely through the sides and with plenty of length at the front is the key to the pompadour. It looks killer with a suit and delivers a great surfer vibe when you’re at the beach with some salt and sand in it.

GET THE LOOK: The modern pompadour with a 1950’s inspiration, body and bold shape help define this haircut. To create the style start with clean hair and damp hair, drying the hair first forward, then using a brush to push it back off the face. Focus on creating body through the front. Once dry add a LYNX Messy Look Reworkable Paste and comb through the hair, sweeping it back.

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