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Male Style Icons & How To Capture Their Style

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There are certain classic male style icons who defined masculinity in a way contemporary names struggle to match. They captured a timeless, effortless sophistication that modern men still try to emulate today. Of course, there is no doubt we will also be immortalised through our style, but until then let’s look backwards for a bit of inspiration.

D’Marge has listed our top male fashion icons and a few tips for capturing just a slice of their famous style.


Frank Sinatra – ‘The Tailored Swinger’
Style – Suited At All Times


Sinatra is as well known for his style as he is for his legendary voice. Always in tailor-made suits and tuxedos, he taught men of the 20th century the importance of dressing like a gentleman. Frank made the suit a staple in the male wardrobe and taught us how to use tailoring in a more relaxed setting.

He is also known for his gold cuff links, perfectly folded pocket scarves, silk ties and bow ties, and of course the fedora. It was this item that gave Sinatra his confidence and suave attitude. Always tilted so the rim fell just below his right brow, this is now an iconic sign of male swag.

With the fedora and pocket square returning season on season with small colour or fabric updates, this is an easy way to channel your inner Frank and croon with the best of them. Try an olive or grey wool fedora with ribbon band and bow detailing and satin lining, teamed with your favourite summertime casual suit. Lock & Co Hatters have a great selection to choose from.

Not a hat lover? Don’t worry! Smarten up with LYNX’s Clean Cut Look Wet Shine Men’s Hair Spray Gel that can truly give your look that well-groomed Sinatra edge.

Steve McQueen – ‘The King of Cool’
Style – Effortless Cool



A rebellious streak with an all-American boy look was McQueen’s calling card, and led him to being the highest paid film star of his time. He excelled in updating American sportswear with a more rugged and masculine edge.

Classic items from his wardrobe included aviators, sports coats, V-neck sweaters and shawl neck cardigans. The most famous McQueen look is luckily the simplest to wear: leather jacket, straight leg denim and a well-fitted white cotton t-shirt. Every man should use this as his fallback casual outfit, full of effortless style. McQueen was heavily into his motor racing and had a sports car and motorcycle collection that would make any car enthusiast’s eyes water.

A Porsche 365 Speedster and 1962 Cobra were just a few models from his beloved collection. This love of motorsports was obvious in his style, and a leather racing or Harrington jacket and anti-shine hair product will help you epitomise McQueen’s cool.

For leather, opt for a quality dark brown or black option such as McQueen’s very own Lewis Leathers Universal Racer MK2 jacket which he wore in the Greenhorn Enduro race. The G4 original Baracuta jacket in neutral shades that McQueen wore so well is another sure-fire way to capture some of that cool style.

For the hair, try LYNX’s Messy Look Effortless Matt Men’s Hair Clay Anti Shine Matt Finish that lets you style your hair in seconds and gives a shabby-chic texture for hours. McQueen would be proud!

Paul Newman – ‘The Masculine Minimalist’
Style – Denim Masculinity & Chic Ruggedness


Newman’s style was always rooted in tradition, but worn with a self-confidence that made all the items he wore look like they were made especially for him. One of the most underrated male fashion icons and one of the great actors of his time, Newman is known for his ability to truly get under the skin of a character, a reason his style both on- and off-screen is still powerful all these years later.

Cool Hand Luke was the film and denim was the fabric that cemented his name in the style hall of fame. Newman is partially responsible for the denim shirt and chambray utility and outerwear trends we see returning to the men’s shows each season. Worn with an admirable arrogance, his dishevelled style in the film taught men everywhere how to wear denim with silver screen leading man swagger.

To try your hand at Newman’s style, invest in a workwear-style denim jacket such as Denham’s Berlin jacket teamed with LYNX’s Natural Look Men’s Hair Cream Soft & Touchable Control with fluff taming abilities.


Whoever your style inspiration is, there are a few traits that all the greats shared that made them the timeless icons they are: confidence, individuality and masculinity. These men knew their strengths and wore whatever they wanted with a conviction that no one could touch. Now to decide what our style legacy will be…

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