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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #1

Shut Up & Take My Money is a new series that looks at the most awesomely pointless stuff man can buy. You don’t need to be rolling in a small fortune (though that always helps), but these manly objects of affection will definitely make you think twice about investing in your girlfriend’s wedding ring.


#1 Quadrofoil Watercraft
Not sure if it’s a boat or a plane? It’s kind of both. C-foil technology allows this watercraft to lift itself above the water to reduce resistance and increase efficiency as it glides over the waves. It’s also electric powered so there’s little noise and a 100km range with a top speed of 20 knots.
Price: $19,000 / BUY

#2 1955 Porsche 550
A true classic that was built between 1953 to 1956, the Porsche 550 is the vintage coupe that sports a 4-cylinder motor in a mid-engine rear wheel drive layout punching out 110 PS at 6200RPM. It won’t drive you into your seat, but it will turn heads. Cool fact: it retailed for US$6,800 when it was released. Ah, inflation.
Price: €3,490,000 or US$4.4M / BUY

#3 Pininfarina Fuoriserie
Pininfarina is the design house that normally looks after Ferraris, so you’ll know what to expect when they design a bicycle. The bike gets a classy walnut wood coating over the steel frame, woven leather on the seats and handle bars and Pininfarina branding.
Price: $7,500 – $11,300 with electric assist / BUY

#4 AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car
It’s not yet for sale but it’s getting close with the third iteration of AeroMobil’s flying car. This version sports design refinements making it look more sleek and less like a giant rolling penis on the road. The wings also fold back for ample parking lot manoeuvres.
Price: TBA / BUY

#5 HYT H2 Titanium & White Gold
HYT is a relatively new watchmaker who have shunned classic watchmaking practices in favour of hi-tech and hydraulics. The H1 and H2 watches use special fluid to drive its Swiss made mechanism. Absolutely stunning to watch with a price to match.
Price: $45,000 / BUY

#6 Hot Toys Robocop 1/6 Scale Figure
Don’t let the name fool you, these guys build anything but toys. The company is renowned for their exceptionally detailed and faithful replicas of cult heroes from film and video games. This Robocop figure is one of their latest efforts and includes Murphy’s sidearm, mechanical chair, interchangeable facial expressions and battle-damaged armour.
Price: $350 / BUY




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