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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #2

The second series of Shut Up & Take My Money has landed with some of the coolest gadgets man will ever encounter on this Earth. Attaining any one of these items will either make you cry tears of joy, or tears of horror upon looking at your bank balance.


#1 Mercedes Benz x Garrett McNamara Cork Surfboard
Mercedes have released the second version of their bespoke surfboard for big wave rider, Garrett McNamara. It’s crafted by Polen Surfboards from Portuguese cork and leprechaun’s ears to enable maximum flexibility and strength to tackle the huge waves of Nazare.
Price: TBC/BUY

#2 Vianel New York International Friendly Exotic Skins
Taking the leather from the world’s finest tanneries in Italy have resulted in these stunning iPhone 6 cases. The signature gold stamp is there along with new exotic textures like lizard skin.
Price: US$90/BUY

#3 Liternity Victory Carbon Fibre OLED Table Lamp
Taking what is normally reserved for race cars and using it for the office is definitely a boss move. And often an expensive one at that. It’s made to order in Germany and exquisitely crafted for the ultimate man office.
Price: $7,900/BUY

#4 Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles In The Sky
This book of tree houses is a celebration of the best architectural dwellings that incorporate nature – namely awesome trees. It’s a 300 page book featuring 50 tree houses from around the world with notes from the architects.
Price: $50/BUY

#5 Paul Smith x Audio Technica More Noise Headphones
Audio Technica in collaboration with Paul Smith have released a new set of limited-edition headphones which sound as great as they look. 42mm drivers deliver the crystal clear goods whilst Paul Smith handwriting ‘More’ and ‘Noise’ is emblazoned across the housing for that extra uber-cool look.
Price: $329/BUY

#6 Jaguar Special Operations E-Type Lightweight
Jaguar are releasing the new-old E-Type in a limited number of six cars. Why? because they had a few left over chassis shells out of the twelve they produced in the ’60s. All six are said to have already been allocated to their respected lucky owners, but I’m sure if you offered the right price they’d happily make you a seventh.
Price: $1,650,000 – $2,470,000/BUY


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