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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #3

We hope you’re sitting down and have your girlfriend’s credit card(s) ready because part three of our Shut Up & Take My Money series has some real penny pinchers – from a $60,000 ballistic watch safe to $1.5M whiskey, you know where your shopping list is at.


#1 Polaris RZR XP1000 EPS High Lifter Edition
Bloody long name but guaranteed to be mountains of fun when you’re tackling an actual mountain. The Polaris explorer also allows you to take a passenger along for the ride to make bush bashing a social thing. It is designed to take on just about any terrain with it’s 110hp high output engine, reduced gearing and larger reverse chain for trudging through mud. Suspension is also race-inspired with stiffer springs and all-wheel drive. Need some insurance? There’s a two-tonne winch on the Polaris to help get you out of the most hairiest of situations. Or if you just want to pull down some trees.
Price: $26,699


#2 The Chronos Safe from Brown
So player, you’ve mad it in life and you’ve got a few serious timepieces to show for it? Well then you should know that keeping them in any old safe won’t do; you need a safe that can withstand multiple shots from a 50-caliber rifle. You need a safe that was originally designed to safeguard nuclear warheads for the U.S Military. You need the Chronos Safe from Brown. There are two models of the safe available, one with 8 – 16 watch winders and the other with 32. The unit also has three Swiss-made mechanical time clocks that allows the owner to set an impassable locking period of up to 144 hours, rendering stolen pass codes and fingerprints useless for that duration.
Price: $63,550 – $93,700/BUY

#3 Custom Kits By Moto Guzzi
The custom motorbike movement is gaining some serious momentum with the arrival of these customisable kits from Italian manufacturer Moto Guzzi in January 2015. The kits enable the rider to build their bike as a cafe racer, scrambler, or any other unique style that piques the imagination with the wide selection of accessories. Whatever you build, it is certain to be a one of a kind.
Price: TBC

#4 Mini Lego Millennium Falcon
If you loved Star Wars and Lego as a kid then your life is now complete. Lego fans have created a downsized version of the iconic Millennium Falcon as piloted by Han Solo and Chewy. Lego did release their own official version a few years back but that was more of a replica that costed an arm. You can’t buy this particular set as it’s a fan creation, but the good news? You can make it yourself out of existing Star Wars Lego sets with the attached images for a fraction of the price.

#5 The Dalmore Paterson Collection Whiskey
If a friend ever says to you “I’m stepping up from goon bags and I have a big boy’s salary to back it up! What’s the best I can get, brah?”, you first and foremost un-friend the tool, then you show him to The Dalmore Paterson Collection of fine whiskey from Harrods. There are 12 bottles in the collection reigning from the Scottish Highlands which range in age from 1926 – 1990. Each bottle is hand selected by the self-proclaimed Master Distiller of The Dalmore, Richard Paterson. Each collection also comes with a custom made wooden cabinet with 12 handmade crystal decanters. The bottles are imprinted with Jesus’ signature Paterson’s own handwritten ledger and the company’s deer emblem in sterling silver.
Price: $1.5M (£987,500)

#6 Connor Wood Bicycles
The humble bicycle gets a very organic makeover with the rad new wood-framed bikes from this Colorado based manufacturer. Straddling the line between fine art and transport, every Connor bike is meticulously hand crafted in ash and walnut wood. Weather protection is taken care of by a decent coating of marine spar varnish. Incredibly smooth to ride and marvel at, the bikes come in three styles for the rider: Woody Cruiser, Woody Scorcher and Woody Mountain. Keep this one well away from the termites.
Price: $3,500/BUY


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