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The Art of the Trouser – Stepping Up Your Smart Style

Right now you’re inundated with the annual “New Year, New You” bullshit that abounds every December 31. We’ll leave the diets, the fitness regimes, the financial strategies, the goal setting, and all other self-improvement silliness to those more qualified to talk about them, but we will suggest one new approach for 2015: a fresh take on trousers.

Dressed-down suiting looks to be a major trend in 2015, and trousers promise to be a particularly prominent part of it. We’ve been seeing a lot of big brands using the trouser in their latest ranges, but in unexpected ways that could have a wider appeal to the everyday man. From surprisingly streamlined sweatpants, to slim-fitting trousers paired with sneakers, to ample-legged tailoring, high end and high street designers alike are throwing out the rules and embracing dressed-down trousers.

What To Look For


The first question is: Will any trousers work? And the answer (apologies in advance to those who were hoping to separate their favourite suits) is no. There may be the rare pair that looks good in any context, but your best bet is to choose trousers that aren’t part of a suit. Suit trousers run the risk of looking out of place if worn solo. Another must is trousers that don’t need a belt. It’s an accessory we have a great deal of respect for, but it doesn’t belong in this trend.

Beyond those don’ts, you’re free to get creative with the do’s. Try trousers in interesting and textured fabrics. Experiment with seemingly mismatched styles, like wide-legged tailoring or fitted sweatpants. Play with bold colours to help relax the overall appearance of your legwear. Break the right rules, and you may finally solve the smart-casual conundrum.

Fit And Cut


There are a lot of options for the new trouser trend, but let’s stick with the smartest. Keep the look slim and tapered. There are guys out there who have done otherwise and made it look cool, but we’re interested in more elegant options today. The waist should be cut on the higher side of things. Hems can be shorter than usual or pin rolled for a similar effect.

What To Wear Them With


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The point here is to dress your trousers down, so the look is extremely versatile. On top, try short or long sleeved shirts (again with an optional pin roll) and basic tees. Throw a blazer over a t-shirt for something more spiffy. On your feet, almost anything goes: luxury sneakers, stylish dress shoes, even sandals.

Have a gander at the gallery for some gents who got it right.


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