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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #5

Every week we’re on the hunt for some of the world’s coolest gadgets that man can throw money at. Whether it’s a $12,000 treadmill or a hilarious Homer Simpson Apple decal for $4, issue five has all things fitness, environmentally friendly and stylish to keep you happy. Poorer, but happy.


#1 Ciclotte Stationary Bicycle
Ciclotte is a revolutionary new exercise bike designed and made in Italy. The company’s aim was to combine idea, form and technology to help innovate the traditional aesthetics and functional attributes of an exercise bike. We think they succeeded with this space-aged fat burner.
Price: US$12,600/BUY

#2 NYC Flight Tag Print By Neil Stevens
Give your living quarters some much needed character with this flight tag print by Neil Stevens. The graphic is printed on high white smooth 315gsm uncoated paper to ensure it outlives you. It doesn’t come with the frame but it’s asking price is cheap as chips.
Price: $24/BUY

#3 Solar Window Charger By XD Design
Go green with this very stylish charger designed to replenish your phone or any other USB powered device connected. Solar panels are used on the window mounting unit to recharge its 1400 mAh lithium battery. It’s the perfect idea for those lucky enough to be stuck at the window seat all day at work.
Price: $85/BUY

#4 MMT Calendar Pocket Watch
Made of organic materials such as leather, Maple and Walnut woods, the MMT pocket watch successfully fuses contemporary design into a classic and often forgotten timepiece. Take a bit of the past into the present for a bargain whilst looking like a feakin’ suave gentleman Sean Connery would be proud of.
Price: $255/BUY

#5 Homer iPad Decal
There’s not much to this cool item. If you’re a fan of the yellow family and in particular Homer Simpson, then having him seemingly bite his way through your fluorescent iPad Apple logo is the way to d’oh.
Price: $4.20/BUY

#6 Skulls MK1 Wallet by Bond & Knight
One of the sweetest wallets to hit the market today (and much sought after by yours truly) is the 1940’s vintage inspired wallet by Bond & Knight. The innovative Origami design means that there are no seams or stitching throughout – just intricate folds of a single piece of premium quality leather to form the shape of the wallet. It is hand made in England, can hold up to ten cards and available in three colours including black, light tan and chestnut. There’s also the skulls print in the mid-section to help break up the amazing folds.
Price: $110/BUY

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